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Education: Undergraduate Programs: Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program

Present and Past SNF REU participants and projects:

(PI = principal investigator, i.e. professor)


1. REU Student: Scott Chow (Harvey Mudd College)
PI: Krishna Saraswat
Mentor: Raisul Islam
Project: Engineering the Fixed Charge of Al2O3 for Field-Assisted Passivation in Heterojunction Solar Cells

2. REU Student: Isaac DiGennaro (Missouri U. of Science and Technology)
PI: Reinhold Dauskardt
Mentor: NIck Rolston
Project: Mechanical Testing of Flextrode: An ITO-free, Transparent, Polymer Based Electrode applications

3. REU Student: Mikayla Essigmann (U. Massachusetts - Lowell)
PI: Debbie Senesky
Mentor: Ashwin Shankar
Project: Smart-Cut Processing for Transfer of High-Temperature Ceramic Materials to Silicon

4. REU Student: Jade Fostvedt (U. of South Dakota)
PI: Reinhold Dauskardt
Mentor: Scott Isaacson
Project: Infiltration, Imidization, and Cross-Linking of Polyimides in Molecular-Scale Confinement

5. REU Student: Anna Smith (  SUNY Buffalo
PI: Zhenan Bao
Mentor: Yeongin Kim
Project: Conformation of Organic Electronics to the Hemispherical Shape Using Elastomeric Transfer Elements



1. REU Student: Billy Anderson  (Baylor University)
PI: Bruce Clemens
Mentor: Ranida Wongpiya 
Project: Studying the Effect of Materials and Processing on the Electrical Properties of Bilayer Al / Amorphous CoTiN Metal Gates for Advanced Nanoelectronic Devices

2. REU Student: Geoffrey Martin-Noble   (Haverford College)
PI:  Zhenan Bao
Mentor: Leo Shaw
Project: Using Fluid Dynamics Modeling to Guide the Fabrication of Patterned Shearing Blades for the Solution Deposition of Single-Crystal Organic Semiconductors

3.REU Student: Emily Nitzberg   (University of Portland)
PI:  Reinhold H. Dauskardt
Mentor:  Chris Bruner
Project: Cohesion and Adhesion in Thin-film Organic Nanostructured Materials for Photovoltaic Applications

4. REU Student: Ashka Shah  (Harvey Mudd College)
PI: Robert Sinclair
Mentor: Steven Madsen
Project:   Effects of Adhesion Layers in Silver Plasmonic Nanoparticles for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)

5. REU Student: Shanel Wu   (Harvey Mudd College)
PI:  Philip Wong
Mentor:  Ji Cao
Project:  Fabrication of Five-terminal Laterally-actuated Nano-electro-mechanical Relays For Ultra-Low Power Applications


1. REU Student: Dylan Barber (Williams College)
PI: Matthew Kanan
Mentor: Prof. Craig Gorin
Project: Use of Field-Induced Surface-Organometallic Interactions to Control Selectivity in Rhodium-Catalyzed Organic Reactions

2. REU Student: Dara Bobb-Semple (SUNY Stony Brook)
PI: Prof. Bianxiao Cui
Mentors: Allister McGuire
Project: Developing Nanoscale Electrodes for Sensitive Detection of Brain Cell Activities

3. REU Student: Stephanie Cone (University of Arkansas)
PI: Prof. Shan Wang
Mentor: Daniel Bechstein
Project: Investigation of Microfluidic Integration in Magneto-Nanosensor Based Protein Biomarker Detection

4. REU Student: Tiffany Huang (Baylor University)
PI: Prof. Debbie Senesky
Mentor: Ateeq Suria
Project: Deposition of Immobilization Layers for Extremophile-based Biosensors

5. REU Student: Sarah Nainar (Washington and Jefferson College)
PI: Prof. Reinhold Dauskardt
Mentor: Krysta Biniek
Project: Identifying the Biomechanical Effects of UV Resistant Molecules and Nanoparticles on Human Skin

6. REU Student: Jacqueline Ong (Harvey Mudd College)
PI: Prof. Olav Solgaard
Mentors: Insun Park and Cathy Jan
Project: Stabilizing Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor Measurements by Fabricating an Enclosed Photonic Crystal Cavity


1. REU Student: Corinne Lampe (U. Rochester)
PI: Reinhold Dauskardt
Mentor: Krysta Biniek
Project: The effectiveness of physical sunscreens in maintaining the mechanical properties of the stratum corneum

2. REU Student: Emily Ross (Harvey Mudd)
PI: Philip Wong, Roger Howe
Mentors: J Provine, Max Shulaker
Project: Atomic layer deposition process optimization and characterization of amorphous metal-oxide flims

3. REU Student: Jordan Occena (U. Tulsa)
PI: Yoshio Nishi
Mentor: Joanie Ouyang, Ranida Wongpiya
Project: Work function tuning in amorphous TaWSiC metal gates for integrated circuits

4. REU Student: Elsie Bjarnason (North Carolina State)
PI: Roger Howe
Mentor: Jose Padovani
Project: Water-in-ferrofluid digital microfluidic system for single cell isolation and transport

5. REU Student: Tim Welsh (U. San Diego)
PI: Audrey Ellerbee
Mentors: Hee Yoon Lee, Tahereh Marvdashti
Project: Air spaced VIPA’s for use in optical coherence tomography

6. REU Student: Kelsey Hirotsu (Johns Hopkins)
PI: Zhenan Bao
Mentor: Evan Wang
Project: Fabricating parylene-C shadow masks for applications in flexible transistors with semiconducting carbon nanotube networks



1. REU student: Karl Bayer (Pacific Lutheran University)
PI: Reinhold H. Dauskardt
Mentor: Fernando Novoa
Project: Adhesion and Cohesion Testing of Square Solar Cells in Inert Environments

2. REU Student: Leah Weiss (Harvard University)
PI: Roger Howe
Mentors: Jae Lee, Igor Bargatin
Project: Microfabricated Silicon Carbide Thermionic Energy Converters for Solar Energy Generation

3. REU Student: Kelly Suralik (Middlebury College)
PI: Roger Howe
Mentors: Scott Lee , J Provine
Project: Tribology of Atomic Layer Deposition Films

4. REU Student: Kevin Tien (Cooper Union)
PI: Zhenan Bao
Mentor: Benjamin Tee
Project: Fabrication of Dielectrics for Flexible Thin-Film Electronics

5. REU Student: Joe Liang (Swarthmore College)
PI: Hongjie Dai
Mentor: Justin Wu
Project: Development of Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors for Use in Next Generation Electronics

6. REU Student: Meagan Pipes (North Carolina State University)
PI: Audrey Ellerbee
Mentors: Kristen Lurie , Tom Gwinn
Project: Soft Lithographic Fabrication of Bar Chart Phantoms for Axial Resolution Measurements in Optical Coherence Tomography



1. REU student: Gillian Lui (Middlebury College)
PI: Reinhold Dauskardt
Mentor: Taek-Soo Kim
Project title: Adhesion of Capillary Underfill Epoxies for Flip Chip Packaging

2. REU Student: Clara Chow (University of Wisconsin)
PI: Phillip Wong
Mentors: Xinyu Bao, Jason Parker
Project title: Gallium Phosphide Nanowires for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation

3. REU student: Philip Ponce de Leon (Stevens Institute of Technology)
PI: James Harris
Mentors: Meredith M. Lee, Pascale Kallassi
Project title: Surface Treatments to Control the Wettability of Photonic Crystal Bio-sensors

4. REU student: Kelsey Morse (Beloit College)
PI: Shan Wang
Mentors: Ming-Liang Zhang, Bob Wilson
Project title: Synthetic Antiferromagnetic Nanoparticles for Biosensing

5. REU Student: Michelle Pillers (Southern Methodist University)
PI: Hongjie Dai
Mentor: Liying Jiao
Project title: Graphene Nanoribbons as Transistors in Nanoelectronic Devices


1. REU student: Jamal Molin (U. Maryland)
PI: Reinhold Dauskardt
Mentor: Taek-Soo Kim
Project title: Characterization of the Diffusivity of Conductive Polymers in Nanochannel Confinement

2. REU student: Stephanie Bojarski (Lehigh)
PI: Phillip Wong
Mentor: Arash Hazeghi
Project title: Imaging and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Growth and Transfer

3. REU student: Vivian Feig (Columbia)
PI: Roger Howe
Mentors: J Provine, Roozbeh Parsa
Project title: Energy Recoverable Operation of Lateral Nanoelectromechanical (NEM) Aluminum Switches

4. REU student: Matthew Strathman (Montana St.)
PI: Roger Howe
Mentors: J Provine, Il Woong Jung, Chia-Ming Chang
Project title: Silicon Migration for Nanophotonic Elements

5. REU student: Barbara Raynal (Notre Dame)
PI: Shan Wang
Mentors: Bob Wilson, Ming-Liang Zhang, Mary Tang
Project title: Nano-magnetic Particles for Cancer Diagnostics

6. REU student: Sweta Sengupta (Emory)
PI: Shan Wang
Mentors: Bob Wilson, Jung-Sub Wi, Mary Tang
Project title: Two-tiered SERS-active Nanoparticles for Cancer Diagnostics



1. REU Student: Alan Teran - University of Florida
PI: Phillip Wong
Mentors: Albert Lin , Nishant Patil
Project title: Multiple Transfers of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Silicon Wafers

2. REU Student: LeMoyne (Michael) Habimana-Griffin - Rose Hulman Inst. of Technology
PI: Reinhold Dauskardt
Mentor: Taek-Soo Kim
Project title: Molecular Interactions with Nanostructured MSSQ Glass Thin Film

3. REU Student: Jiaomin Ouyang~~ - University of Florida
PIs: Peter Griffin, Yoshio Nishi
Mentor: Mihir Tendulkar
Project title: Effect of Deposition Parameters in RF-Sputtering of Titanium Dioxide Thin Films for Non-Volatile Memory

4. REU Student: Julie Stiver - U. Massachusetts, Amherst
PIs: Peter Griffin , Yoshio Nishi
Mentor: Gaurav Thareja
Project title: Ultra-Thin Epitaxial Germanium on Silicon Pillars for Scaled MOSFET Devices

5. REU Student: Thomas Hartsfield - New College of Florida
PIs: Roger Howe, Olav Solgaard
Mentors: J Provine , Rishi Kant, Shrestha Mallick
Project title: Modeling Silicon Migration Induced Shape Transformation of Photonic Crystal Mirrors

6. REU Student: Sophia Allaf - Azusa Pacific University
PIs: Mary Tang , Yi Cui
Mentors: Ching-Mei Hsu, Steve Connor
Project title: Optimizing the Direct Fabrication of Nanoparticles for Cancer Diagnostics

7. REU Student: Trisha Sengupta - Emory University
PIs: Mary Tang, Yi Cui
Mentors: Ching-Mei Hsu , Steve Connor
Project title: Direct-Fabricated Magnetic Nanoparticles in Cancer Diagnostics


1. REU student: Alexander Luce - U. of Arizona
PI: Robert Sinclair
Mentor: Faraz Hossein-Babaei
Project title: Atomic force microscopy method for nanostructure characterization of perpendicular magnetic recording media

2. REU student: Nasim Naderseresht, Skyline College
PI: Reinhold Dauskardt
Mentor: Ryan Birringer
Project title: Adhesion and electromigration performance of barrier / Cu interconnections in CMOS technologies

3. REU student: Katherine MacKie, Whitworth College, WA
PI: Reinhold Dauskardt
Mentor: Taek-Soo Kim
Project title: The role of surfactants in aqueous solution diffusion in hydrophobic nanoporous thin-film glasses

4. REU student: Latisha Crockett, Prairie View A & M University, TX
PI: Phllip Wong
Mentor: Deji Akinwande
Project title: Carbon nanotube device fabrication and transistor characterization

5. REU student: Naresh Copeland, Prairie View A & M University, TX
PI: Hongjie Dai
Mentor: Xinran Wang
Project title: Atomic layer deposition on single-layer graphene

6. REU student: Maria Suggs, Southern Polytechnic State University
PI: Beth Pruitt
Mentor: Nahid Harjee, Alvin Barlian
Project title: Characterization of deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) process for electrical through-wafer interconnects (ETWI) of piezoresistive inertial sensors

7. REU student: Allison Solanki, Whitman College, WA
PI: Peter Peumans
Mentor: Kevin Huang
Project title: Investigation of TMAH release of stretchable silicon networks


1. REU Student: Jenna Hagemeier, Northwest Nazarene University
PI: Yoshio Nishi / Jim McVittie
Mentor: Hiroyuki Sanda
Project title: Photoluminescence of silicon nanocrystals fabricated by sputter deposition and annealing for photonic applications

2. REU Student: Anthony Sanders, PrairieView A&M
PI: Hongjie Dai
Mentor: Xinran Wang
Project title: Suspended carbon nanotubes for optoelectronic devices

3. REU Student: Irene Hu, Princeton University
PI: Robert Sinclair
Mentor: Unoh Kwon
Project title: Nanoscale focused ion beam (FIB) patterning and characterization of
perpendicular magnetic recording media.

4. REU Student: Sarah Bryan, Florida International University
PI: Reinhold Dauskardt
Mentor: David Max Gage
Project title: Diffusion of aqueous solutions in oxycarbosilane nanoporous thin films during processing of interconnect structures

5. REU Student: Christina Lu, Brandeis University
PI: Peter Griffin/Jim Plummer
Mentor: Ali Agah
Project title: Microfluidic systems for DNA sequencing


1. REU student: Heidi Wheelwright, Utah Valley State College
PI: Yoshio Nishi
Mentor: Ching-Huang Lu
Project title: Fabrication and electrical analysis of metal bilayer electrodes for nanodevices

2. REU student: Minh Phuc Dao, Santa Clara U.
PI: Hongjie Dai
Mentor: Qian Wang
Project title: Microfabrication for Nanotube and Nanowire Electronics

3. REU student: Hsen Derek Hsu, Northwestern U.
PI: Robert Sinclair
Mentor: Richard Chin
Project title: Focused Ion Beam and Transmission Electron Microscopy Analysis of Nanoscale Thin Films

4. REU Student: Josh Symonds, U. of Rochester
PI: Robert Sinclair
Mentor: Unoh Kwon
Project title: Nanoscale Characterization of Magnetic Thin Films Using High
Resolution TEM

5. REU student: Emily Rice, U. of Florida
PI: Reinhold Dauskardt
Mentor: Eric Guyer
Project title: Adhesion in Thin-film Device Structures

6. REU student: David McIntosh Oregon State U.
PI: Paul McIntyre
Mentor: Mike Chen
Project title: Ferroelectric nonvolatile memory materials - fundamentals of reliable ferroelectric switching.

7. REU student: Que Anh Nguyen, Olin College
PI: Bruce Clemens
Mentor: Gloria Wong
Project title: Fabrication and compositional analysis of metal bilayer electrodes for nanodevices

8. REU student: Stephen Meisburger, Carlton College
PI: Fabian Pease
Mentor: Dan Pickard
Project title: Massively Parallel Electron Beam Lithography

9. REU student: Neel Shah, Harvey Mudd College
PI: Peter Griffin / Jim Plummer
Project title: Microwell fabrication in fiberoptic faceplates for massively parallel DNA sequencing applications

10. REU student: William Noderer, Lehigh U.
PI: Peter Griffin / Jim Plummer
Project title: DNA sequencing using electrowetting droplet transport chips

11. REU student: Wade Luhman, Minnesota State U.
PI: Shan Wang
Mentor: Nader Pourmand
Project title: Robotic spotting of DNA probes on biochips

12. REU student: Andrew Melton, Portland U.
PI: Jim Harris
Mentor: Zhilong Rao
Project title: AlAs Oxidation for Photonic Crystal Fabrication


1. REU student: Jay Gantz (Franklin W. Olin College)
PI: Reinhold Dauskardt
Mentor: Eric Guyer
Project Title: Adhesion of Thin-Film Structures for Device Technologies

2. REU student: Rena Miriam Rudavsky (Columbia)
PI: Reinhold Dauskardt
Mentor: Ken Wu
Project Title: Mechanical Behavior of Soft Tissues

3. REU Student: Heyjin Park (Northwestern)
PI: Fabian Pease
Mentor: Dan Pickard
Project Title: Engineering metallic nanoparticles: Harnessing the intense fields of the
plasmon resonance for enhanced non-linear processes.

4. REU student: Nick Bastianon (UC Santa Barbara)
PI: Hongjie Dai
Mentor: Ali Javey
Project Title: Molecular electronics

5. REU student: Robert Louis Alley (Cornell)
PI: Hongjie Dai
Mentor: Qian Wang
Project Title: Nanoelectromechanical Devices

6. REU student: Nate Miller (Case Western)
PI: Mike McGehee
Mentor: Vignesh Gowrishankar
Project Title: Patterning arrays of 20-nm holes for bulk heterojunction solar cells

7. REU student: Nathaniel Burt (Kansas State)
PI: Jim Harris
Mentor: Luigi Scaccabarozzi
Project Title: Design and fabrication of a tapered waveguide in Aluminum Gallium Arsenide (AlGaAs) for coupling light in nanoscale optoelectronic devices

8. REU student: Carl Dietz (Yale)
PI: Jim Harris
Mentor: Ke Wang
Project Title: Developing an implantable chip to restore vision in blind patients, using carbon nanotubes as microelectrodes to interface the retinal neurons

9. REU student: Alyssa Wu (Cornell)
PI: Peter Griffin
Mentor: Ali Agah
Project Title: Microfabricated flow channels for performing chemistry on beads

10. REU student: Kevin Brady (Johns Hopkins)
PI: Peter Griffin
Mentor: Ali Agah
Project Title: Microwells for DNA sequencing on chip

11. REU student: James Willett (University of Montana)
PI: Kathryn Moler
Mentor: Hendrik Bluhm <>
Project Title: Nanomagnetic sensors

12. REU student: Mary Anito (Johns Hopkins)
PI: Pierre Khuri-Yakub
Mentor: Goksen G. Yaralioglu
Project Title: Fabrication of microfluidic channels with integrated transducers for fluid pumping



1. REU Student: Steven Floyd, Washington University in St. Louis,
PI: Hongjie Dai,
Mentors: Jien Cao , Qian Wang
Project: Nanoelectromechanical devices

2. REU student: Karen Havenstrite, University of Nevada Reno
PI: Hongjie Dai,
Mentor: Marco Rolandi,
Project: Molecular electronics

3. REU student: Sara Rickman, Lehigh University,
PI: Paul C. McIntyre,
Mentor: Lawrence Schloss
Project: Ferroelectric thin films for nonvolatile memory applications

4. REU student: Yu Zhao, Cornell University,
PI: Bruce M. Clemens
Mentor: Scott Andrews
Project: Lithography for spin injection structures.

5. REU student: Grace Lee, University of California at Santa Barbara ,
PI: Reinhold Dauskardt
Mentor: Chris Litteken,
Project: Adhesion of lithographically patterned thin-film structures

6. REU student: Keith Craig, University of Washington,
PI: Richard N. Zare
Mentor: Hongkai Wu
Project: Microfluidics and chemical analysis on a chip

7. REU student: Nicholas Fichtenbaum, Washington University at St. Louis,
PI: James Harris
Mentor: Evan Thrush
Project: Characterization of oxide confined vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs)

8. REU student: Douglas Jorgenson, University of Illinois
PI: James Harris
Mentor: Seth Bank
Project: Substrate temperature measurement in molecular beam epitaxial (MBE) growth of quantum wells

9. REU student: Daniel Lee, U. of Washington
PI: Peter Griffin
Mentor: Ali Agah
Project: Electronic actuation of droplets for a microchip chemical reactor

10. REU student: Mariam Aghajan, University of California at Berkeley,
PI: Peter Griffin
Mentor: Ali Agah
Project: Electrical properties of teflon coatings for biochip applications

11. REU student: Siavash Dejgosha, Cornell University,
PI: Fabian Pease
Mentors: Consulting professor Jun Ye and Rafael Aldana
Project: "Superghost": A novel method of achieving accurate nano-patterns with an inaccurate writing tool.

12. REU student: Ashley Evans, Cal State University, Fresno,
PI: Shan Wang
Mentor: Ankur Mohan Crawford
Project: Microfabrication and characterization of RF magnetic inductors.



1. REU student: Michael Shearn, Southern Methodist University,
Project: Patterning, Imaging and Characterization of Small Magnetic Structures
PI/Mentor: Shan Wang, Jason Jury

2. REU student: Amy Cosnowski, University of Michigan,
Project: Microstructures and micromixers on silicon chips for DNA sequencing.
PI/Mentor: Peter Griffin, Ali Agah

3. REU student: Eszter Horanyi, University of Colorado,
Project: Teflon coated microwells for chip based chemical reactors.
PI/Mentor: Peter Griffin, Ali Agah

4. REU student: Scott Howard, University of Notre Dame,
Project: Modeling of interactions of free electrons with semiconductor structures.
PI/Mentor: Fabian Pease, Min Bai

5. REU student: Curtis Mead, University of Minnesota,
Project: Semiconductor photodetectors with sub-optical resolution
PI/Mentor: Fabian Pease, Rafael Aldana , Jun Ye

6. REU student: Laura Zager, Swarthmore College,
Project: Development of optoelectronic devices for bio-sensing applications
PI/Mentor: Jim Harris, Evan Thrush

7. REU student: Schuyler Mudge, University of Washington,
Project: Fabrication and testing of GaInNAsSb semiconductor quantum well lasers
PI/Mentor: Jim Harris , Wonnill Ha

8. REU student: Mahmooda Sultana, University of Southern California,
Project: Fabrication of novel silicon pillar transistors using low temperature processing
PI/Mentor: Mike Deal, Yaocheng Liu

9. REU student: Robert Cadwell, Boston College,
Project: Nanotubes for Nanoelectromechanical (NEMs) Devices
PI/Mentor: Hongjie Dai, Qian Wang Ant Ural

10. REU student: John Liu, University of California at Irvine,
Project: Nanotubes for Nanoelectromechanical (NEMs) Devices
PI/Mentor: Hongjie Dai, Qian Wang Ant Ural

11. REU student: Mark Elias, Ohio State University,
Project: Use of scanning tunneling microscopy to study GaAs photocathode surfaces
PI/Mentor: Piero Pianetta, Zhi Liu

12. REU student: Robert Gagler, University of Colorado,
Project: Patterning seeds to control crystallization of magnetic thin films
PI/Mentor: Bruce M. Clemens, Aditi Chandra, Brennan Peterson



REU Student #1: Aileen Chang, UC Berkeley
REU Student #2: Nathan Morris, Messiah College
PI/Mentor: Hongjie Dai, Nathan Franklin
Project: "Integration of Carbon Nanotubes into Devices" (2 students)

REU Student: Noah Beck, Harvey Mudd College
PI/Mentor: Kathryn Mohler, Per Bjornsson
Project: “ Electron beam lithography of magnetic nanosensors ”

REU Student: Sondra Hellstrom, Johns Hopkins University
PI/Mentor: Steven Boxer, Lance Kam
Project: "Lipid bilayer membranes and microfluidic systems"

REU Student #1: Linda Ohsie, Dartmouth
REU Student #2: Samar Hubbi, New Jersey Institute of Technology
PI/Mentor: Mary Tang
Project: “Microfabricated devices for characterization of biologically-based
nanoassembly systems.” (2 students)

REU Student: Noel Jensen, Colorado College
PI/Mentor: Peter Griffin
Project: “DNA attachment to chip substrates for pyrosequencing”

REU Student: Jonathan Schuller, UC Santa Barbara
PI/Mentor: Peter Griffin
Project: “Microvials for DNA pyrosequencing”

REU Student: Natalie Lui, Harvard University
PI/Mentor: Blas Cabrera , Paul Brink
Project: “Minimum line-widthfeatures for cryogenic optical-photon detectors”

REU Student: Kate Klein, Trinity College
PI/Mentor: Fabian Pease, Dan Pickard
Project: “Diamond as a high brightness electron source”

REU Student: Andrew Davenport, Washington University, St. Louis
PI/Mentor: Fabian Pease , Dan Pickard
Project: “Multi-axis electron beam lithography”

REU Student:. Marina Sofos, Brown University
PI/Mentor: Bruce Clemens, Mark Phillips
Project: “Stress Control in Conductive Members for MEMS”



1. REU student: Van Ortega Cayetano, New York University
PI: Kam Moler
Project: Nano-magnetic mechanical systems

2. REU student: Eric Taketatsu, University of Hawaii
PI: Kam Moler
Project: Nanofabrication of magnetic sensors

3,4. REU student: Anna Asanbaeva, UCLA
REU student: Eric Douglas, Purdue University
PI: Mary Tang
Project: Biochips for Gene and Protein Analysis

5. REU student: Scott Harrison, Rice University
PI: Peter Griffin
Project: Materials bonding for biochips

6. REU student: Luis Jose Cruz-Rivera, Prairie View A&M University
PI: Fabian Pease
Project: Electron beam lithography

7. REU student: Jesse Hwang, Yale University
PI: Bruce Clemens, Christine Esber
Project: Stress Control in Conductive Members for MEMS

8. REU student: Corey Harris, Washington University (St. Louis)
PI: Yayoi Takamura, Jim Plummer
Project: The Study of Laser Annealing for use in silicon IC Manufacturing

9. REU student: Karen Ahle, Harvey Mudd College
PI: Jim Harris, Glenn Solomon
Project: Molecular beam epitaxy of nanostructures

10. REU student: Andrea Rae Tao, Harvard University
PI: Jim Harris, Glenn Solomon
Project: Quantum computing in nanostructures

11, 12. REU student: James Ryan Williams, Santa Clara University
REU student: Aghapi Mordovanaki, University of Michigan (Dearborn)
PI: Jim McVittie )
Project: Development and characterization of nanotechnology fabrication technologies


REU student 1: Joseph Torralba, U. of California, Irvine
REU student 2: Jean Kim, Pacific Union College
REU student 3: Thomas Kenny, Brown University
PI: Mary Tang / Peter Griffin
Etching, Surface Treatment, and Bonding of Glass, Quartz and Silicon Substrates for Bioanalytical Device Applications.

REU student: Karen Rantamaki, Cal Tech
PI: Bruce M. Clemens
Pulsed laser formation of cobalt-silicides for semiconductor devices.

REU student: Paul Friedberg, Williams College
PI: Bruce M. Clemens
Multilayer conducting layers for MEMS.

REU student: Stacie Hvisc, Cornell
PI: James Harris / Glenn Solomon
Fabrication of Nanostructures for Optoelectronics.

REU student: Adrian Lu, U. of Texas at Austin
PI: Kathryn A Moler
Fabrication of submicron niobium pickup loops for scanning SQUID microscopy.

REU student: Emma Wong, Duke University
PI: Pawan Kapur / Krishna Saraswat
Electrical characterization of diffusion barrier properties for copper
metallization in Integrated Circuits.

REU student: Joseph Valentino, Villanova University
PI: Judy Hoyt / Brian Greene
Characterizing Lateral Solid Phase Epitaxy for 3D Device Integration.

REU student: Dmitriy Shneyder, Viginia Commonwealth University
PI: Julie Ngau / Jim Plummer
Oxidation of SiGe pillars for advanced semiconductor devices.

REU student: Nam Thai, San Jose State University
PI: Ali Mokhberi and Reza Kasnavi
Rapid Thermal Annealing studies for advanced integrated circuit fabrication.

REU student: Joe Bergevinm, San Jose State University
PI: Jim McVittie
Characterzation and development of advanced plasma etching for nanostructures.



1. REU student: Ashish Ahuja, Columbia U., N.Y.
PI/Mentor: Shan X. Wang, Manish Sharm
Fabrication and characterization of spin dependent tunneling junctions.

2. REU student: Phyllis Chen, Caltech, Pasadena, CA
PI/Mentor, Jim Plummer/Mike Deal, Joe Tringe
Polycrystalline silicon thin films - silicon and silicon dioxide deposition, test structure fabrication, structural and electrical characterization.

3. REU student: Kyndall Barry,Bethune-Cookman College, Daytona Beach, FL
PI/Mentor: Jim Gibbons/Judy Hoyt, Dinkar Singh
Studying electronic transport and band structure of new silicon-based heterostructures involving alloys of C in Si and SiGe.

4. REU student: Chancy Schulte, Swarthmore College, PA
PI/Mentor: Blas Cabrera Robert Abusaidi and Rick Gaitskell
Particle detector for dark matter made of silicon and germanium crystals.

5. Reu Student: Nin Loh, Pomona College, Claremont, CA
PI/Mentor: Krishna Saraswat/Jim McVittie, Marci Liao
Characterization of Plasma Etching Process and the Effects on Electrical Devices.

6. REU student: Corina Tanasa, Bard College, NY
PI/Mentor: Mark McCord, Min Bai
Resist charging and heating in electron beam lithography.

7. REU student: Tanja Cuk, Princeton U. NJ
PI/Mentor: Rick Kiehl, Hossam Fahmy
Nanoelectronics for electronic circuits.

8. REU student: Joe Altepeter,Washington University, St. Louis,
PI/Mentor: Jim Plummer/Peter Griffin, Michael Yu
Software Control of a Atomic Force Microscope for Imaging, Writing and Measurement.

9. REU student: Yuri Dancik, Princeton U., NJ
PI/Mentor: Jim Plummer/Peter Griffin, Michael Yu
Using an atomic force microscope to examine and modify protein layers.

10. REU student: Blair Irwin, Princeton U., NJ
PI/Mentor:Mary Tang
Assembling nanocolloidal lipid/DNA particles for gene delivery using electrode arrays

11. REU student: Samuel Bishop, University of Washington, Seattle.
PI/Mentor: Jim Harris, Wayne Martin
Nanolithography/Reactive Ion Etching process developement.

12. REU Student: Andrew (Adam) MacBeth, Swarthmore College, PA
PI/Mentor: Jim Harris, Wonill Ha
Nanopatterning and Electrical Characterization.



REU student: John Kim, Yale University
PI: James Harris
Project: Fabrication of a single electron transistor using an atomic force microscope C-V profiling of InAs quantum dots in a GaAs substrate

REU student: Nicole Jantzi, Binghamton University
PI: Mark Zdeblick
Project: Microfabricated check valves for intraocular pressure stabilizer for glaucoma therapy

REU student: Maria Huang, Cal Tech
PI: James Harris
Project: The optimization and fabrication of Fabry-Perot vertical cavity phase flip modulators

REU student: Rong Fan, U. Connecticut
PI: James McVittie
Project: Computer modeling of high density plasma oxide etching

REU student: Brandon Fleming, Case Western Reserve
PI: Peter Griffin
Project: Scanning capacitance microscopy for two-dimensional dopant profiling in CMOS devices

REU student: Adam Pyonin, Washington University
PI: Krishna Saraswat
Project: Dopant redistribution in polysilicon during TiSi2 formation

REU student: John Cross, Santa Clara University
PI: Jim Plummer
Project: Characterization of spatial variation of thin film properties after deposition

REU student: Mark Finlan, William and Mary
PI: James McVittie
Project: Measuring charging damage due to plasma nonuniformity

REU student: Farouk Hadeed, Yale University
PI: Shan Wang
Project: Processing techniques in fabricating spin-dependent tunnelling devices

REU student: Andrej Sierakowski, Cornell University
PI: Jim Plummer
Project: Use of the AFM and NIH image for rapid statistical characterization of grain size in polycrystalline films

REU student: Brittany Mitchell, Clarkson University
PI: Jim Plummer, Mike Deal
Project: Variances in hillock formation on passivated aluminum due to grain growth

REU student: George Paloczi, UC Santa Barbara
PI: Kathyrn Wilder, Peter Griffin
Project: AFM tip-induced oxide formation on silicon