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News and Events


E241 Fall Fab Project Class. A chance to test new equipment, help the lab community, and get class credit, at no charge to your research project! It's not too soon to start thinking about projects. If you missed it, Jon Fan's project planning meeting slides are available here. Feel free to contact staff and mentors to discuss project ideas -- and we encourage you to bring ideas to the Process Clinics (every other Thursday at 2, next one on 8/10).

New Nanoscribe. The long wait is over: the Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT system is now available in ExFab. Please contact Swaroop for training and info. Please stay tuned for new acquisitions expected this summer: the Asylum AFM with inert environment/thermal and electronic probing capability and the DISCO Backgrind system.

New Optomec. The Optomec Aerosol Jet 300 is capable of printing solutions with viscosities ranging from 1 to 1000 cp with resolution down to 10 microns onto 3D surfaces. This system was just commissioned. If you'd like to be among the first to put this system to the test, contact Swaroop.

Alveole PRIMO Demo . Thanks to Prof. Pruitt and Gaspard Pardon, we have the opportunity to host a demo of the Alveole PRIMO, which enables patterning of multiple proteins on glass slides. The demo continues with a lecture and training sessions on July 25/26. The system will continue to be available for several weeks thereafter. For more information, see the flyer.

Winter Closure. The annual Winter Closure at Stanford will begin Monday, 12/25/17. The University reopens on Monday, 1/8/18. Accordingly, SNF will close for business at 7 am Thursday, 12/21/17 and reopen at 7 am on Tuesday, 1/9/18. Start those vacation plans!