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New ExFab Equipment. Lesker sputter system (8 guns, heated chuck, loadlock), AJA evaporator (pre-dep sputter, heated chuck, loadlock), SolidScape 3D wax printer (6 um res), PDMS processing (mixing/curing, plasma treatment, bonding.) For more info, contact Robert, Maurice, or Carsen.

MOCVD Workshop . Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition: Growth, Application, and Analysis. Noon-4:30 pm on Tues, April 5, 2016, in the Annex Auditorium. All are welcome. Preregister here.

Lehighton Electronics: OCV System Demo. Open Circuit Voltage is a noncontact method for testing epitaxial films on conducting or semi-insulating substrates. This planned demo has been postponed. If interested, pls contact Lehighton.