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01: Computer Replacement (Anthony Flannery)
02: 2% Silane cylinder change (Bob Wheeler)
03: 2% silane gas change (Bob Wheeler)
04: free slots (Ping Zhang)
05: Computer Replacement (Anthony Flannery)
06: Silane gas cylinder change (Bob Wheeler)
07: STS up and running! (Nancy Latta)
08: Carbide Scheduling (Anthony Flannery)
09: Postponement of Carbide (Anthony Flannery)
10: Purge Valve (Anthony Flannery)
11: Cancel reservation (Elaheh Sigari)
12: Etcher is down (Anthony Flannery)
13: STS is down (Len Booth)
14: STS res. removal (Linan Jiang)
15: Carbide switchover (Anthony Flannery)
16: STS dep system down (Len Booth)
17: STS Status and Carbide Switchover (Anthony Flannery)
18: Back to normal (Anthony Flannery)
19: afternoon res open (Tom)
20: disregard previous message (Tom)
21: surface roughness (Matt Hopcroft)
22: cancelled res Thursday 3/22 5-10am (Daniel James Laser)
23: May PEUG Mtg -- MEMS Related Plasma Etching (Jim McVittie)
24: Carbide this Weekend (Anthony Flannery)
25: silane bottle change (Ray Seymour)
26: system status (Ray Seymour)
27: shutdown (Ray Seymour)
28: burnbox is up (Ray Seymour)
29: sts free 11am-12:30, Sunday 7-8-01 (Michael S. Bartsch)
30: STS dep Ammonia (Jim Haydon)
31: Ammonia change (Ray Seymour)
32: STS available now til 10:30pm, July 23. (Kris Vossough)
33: Toxic gas shutdown Aug. 6 (Dick Crane)
34: Etch rate (Nancy Latta)
35: silane bal N2 bottle change (Ray Seymour)
36: Toxic gas tests complete (Dick Crane)
37: Recent Nitride stress measurements? (Nancy Latta)
38: Silane change (Ray Seymour)
39: Need Help with STS Dep Video Tape (Jim McVittie)
40: shut down for pump servicing (Jim Haydon)
41: STSdep scheduled downtime (Len Booth)
42: welding finished (Jim Haydon)
43: SiNx Deposition (Dinh Ton)
44: STS PECVD : Nitride Runs (Dinh Ton)
45: Carbide NExt weekend (Anthony Flannery)
46: 2% silane with nitrogen shut down (Jim Haydon)
47: Doing ETCHBAK3 (Dinh Ton)
48: PECVD Maintenance and Operator responsibilities (Anthony Flannery)
49: STS Available (Jeannie Perez)
50: Cleaning chamber (Dinh Ton)
51: Silane/N2 cylinder change. (Ray Seymour)
52: Optical Properities of STS Oxide (Jim McVittie)
53: silane cylinder change (Ray Seymour)
54: Equipment Signs (Jeannie Perez)
55: stress of SiN film (Yu-Ju Lin)
56: Re: stress of SiN film (Anthony Flannery)
57: Down until Friday (Jim Haydon)
58: STS done early free until 8:30pm (Kyle Evan Hammerick)
59: Next STS PECVD user (Jeannie Perez)
60: Uniformity of SiN deposition with STS (Yu-Ju Lin)
61: STS PECVD (Jeannie Perez)
62: Implementing zip lock bags! (Jeannie Perez)
63: STS FREE (David Chang)
64: STS RED VELCRO ARM BANDS (Jeannie Perez)
65: Etching SiN with gold underneath (Yu-Ju Lin)
66: Surface quality of 4um SiN (Yu-Ju Lin)
67: STS PECVD (Jeannie Perez)
68: test (Cesar Baxter)
69: STS PECVD Status Temporary! (Jeannie Perez)
70: STS PECVD (Jeannie Perez)
71: Purging old recipies from STS PECVD (Eric Perozziello)
72: Silane/N2 bottle change. (Ray Seymour)
73: DO NOT Run Nitride processes on STS PECVD (Jeannie Perez)
74: STS Issues (Jeannie Perez)
75: reservation today cancelled (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
76: STS Free Today (david chang)
77: Re: STS Free Today (
78: Bottle change (Mike Dickey)
79: test (Mike Dickey)
80: sts free from 1200am-300am 10/13 (Tariq Haniff)
81: Re: sts time (Tariq Haniff)
82: Silane Nitrogen (Jim Haydon)
83: Bottle change (Mike Dickey)
84: bottle change (Jim Haydon)
85: down (Jim Haydon)
86: thin insulating SiN films (Yves Acremann)
87: I started etchback3 clean (Todd Sulchek)
88: Re: thin insulating SiN films (Anthony Flannery)
89: STS available 4-5 pm (Juan Ferrera)
90: bottle change (Jim Haydon)
91: STS Gas bottle change completed (Jeannie Perez)
92: sts available 1230pm-730 pm 12/15 (Tariq Haniff)
93: sts available 800pm-600AM (Tariq Haniff)
94: STS is free from PM 4:30 to 7:00 today (01/18) (Chih-Chang Chen)
95: STS will be free from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm today! (Chih-Chang Chen)
96: recipe: "sidesmoo" etching rate for STS (Chih-Chang Chen)
97: sts time available from 9-11am on monday (Jasmine Hasi)
98: my wafer are not ready-canceled reservation (rainer fasching)
99: STS PECVD Temporary Nitride Recipe with good RI (Jeannie Perez)