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01: stsetch free Fri night 8pm-midnight (Matthew Hills)
02: Up again.... (Nancy Latta)
03: SF6 (Bob Wheeler)
04: Re: SF6 (Bob Wheeler)
05: Etcher available until 7:30pm! (Nancy Latta)
06: timegrab (Aaron Partridge)
07: stsetch usage (Matthew Hills)
08: STS etcher is down (Len Booth)
09: Off Shutdown (Nancy Latta)
10: reservation slot today (Uma Srinivasan)
11: res. removed (john chiaverini)
12: free tomorrow (Uma Srinivasan)
13: STSetch shutdown (Ching-Hsiang Cheng)
14: STS free until 6:00... (Nancy Latta)
15: Etcher free until 12:00 (Nancy Latta)
16: Etcher free until 6:00 today! (Nancy Latta)
17: Re: Etcher free until 6:00 today! (Yiching Liang)
18: Re: Etcher free until 6:00 today! (Ching-Hsiang Cheng)
19: I removed my reservation for 1:30-6:00am Tuesday (Dachen Chu)
20: Etcher free until 6:00 today.... (Nancy Latta)
21: Re: Etcher free until 6:00 today.... (eugene m chow)
22: etcher free now till 830pm... (eugene m chow)
23: etcher free now till 830pm... (eugene m chow)
24: free slots (Lian Zhang)
25: STS free until 9:30AM (Yiching Liang)
26: Etcher free until 12:30. (Nancy Latta)
27: etcher free (Ping Zhang)
28: Reservations Cancelled (Michael S. Bartsch)
29: reservation removed (Yiching Liang)
30: res removed (john chiaverini)
31: free from now till 3pm (Nathan Franklin)
32: res removed (john chiaverini)
33: STS free until 1:30! (Nancy Latta)
34: STS Free until 3pm! (Michael S. Bartsch)
35: Use on Tue 23 May (Nancy Latta)
36: res removed (john chiaverini)
37: STS TIme open tonight 10-3:30am (Michael S. Bartsch)
38: more free time (Lian Zhang)
39: res removed (john chiaverini)
40: stsetch free 18:30-21:30 tonight (Lian Zhang)
41: Mon 8am-6pm Reservation removed! Holiday! (Nancy Latta)
42: STS Time Available (Michael S. Bartsch)
43: sts free til 330 pm (john chiaverini)
44: sts free time on Sunday (Lian Zhang)
45: More Free STS Time (Michael S. Bartsch)
46: res removed (john chiaverini)
47: res removed tonight (john chiaverini)
48: free until midnight... [nt] (john chiaverini)
49: optional reservation 6/9 (
50: free til 5pm today (sunday 6/11) [nt] (john chiaverini)
51: sts free till 8pm (Nathan Franklin)
52: done with sts for this evening (Pierre Indermuhle)
53: reservation removal (Ping Zhang)
54: Free time Fri (Nancy Latta)
55: Holder and polymer build-up (Nancy Latta)
56: STS free from now till 7:30pm (Uma Srinivasan)
57: res removed monday night (john chiaverini)
58: Re: res removed monday night (Pierre-F. Indermuhle)
59: sts free the rest of the night (Nathan Franklin)
60: res. removal (john chiaverini)
61: res. removal (john chiaverini)
62: Res removed (Nancy Latta)
63: done with the stsetch (Pierre Indermuhle)
64: done early, free the rest of the day (Nathan Franklin)
65: stsetch available sunday all day (Aaron Partridge)
66: sts is free (Per Georg Sverdrup)
67: Removed today's reservation (Pierre-F. Indermuhle)
68: Mine! (Nancy Latta)
69: STSetch Turbo Down (david caudillo)
70: STSETCH Cancellation (david caudillo)
71: STSETCH cancellation (david caudillo)
72: etcher free now until 5 (S. J. Smullin)
73: Etcher free.... (Nancy Latta)
74: Re: Etcher free.... (Pierre-F. Indermuhle)
75: Can't use my STS time today between 4 and 6 pm. (Pierre-F. Indermuhle)
76: done with STS, Pierre (Pierre Indermuhle)
77: done early -- stsetch open for rest of night (Aaron Partridge)
78: sts free tonight at 20:00 (Aaron Partridge)
79: stsetch (
80: my sts time now taken (Aaron Partridge)
81: stsetch holder (
82: Re: stsetch holder (Uma Srinivasan)
83: New Holder! (Nancy Latta)
84: stsetch (Linan Jiang)
85: not using stsetch time @ 3:30pm (Nathan Franklin)
86: Re: not using stsetch time @ 3:30pm (Nancy Latta)
87: afternoon time open (Aaron Partridge)
88: negative resist in STS (Kyle Evan Hammerick)
89: stsetch (
90: STS etch status 8/15/00 (Len Booth)
91: STSetch status 8/16/00 (Len Booth)
92: Done with the STS _ Pierre (Pierre Indermuhle)
93: thick sio2 etch: 8um (Bendik Kleveland)
94: Re: thick sio2 etch: 8um (Jim McVittie)
95: sts shutdown (Uma Krishnamoorthy)
96: I won't use my STS time this evening _ Pierre (Pierre-F. Indermuhle)
97: Re: I won't use my STS time this evening _ Pierre (Eric Perozziello)
98: Save a trip (Anthony Flannery)
99: res removed tonight 9-10pm [nt] (john chiaverini)