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01: TCA CLEANS (Jaime Garate)
02: Terminal Down!! (Jaime Garate)
03: Re: Terminal Down!! (Jaime Garate)
04: Re: Terminal Down!! (Jaime Garate)
05: tylan1 reservation cancelled (Amol Ramesh Joshi)
06: Tylan#2 (Jaime Garate)
07: Re: Tylan#2 (George Y. McLean)
08: I will not be using my reservation today (Linda Whittelsey)
09: mon reserv (Tom)
10: tylan#1 cancelled reserv.2/12 time 1100-1600 (David Caudillo-Malik)
11: reservation cancelled (Balaji Venkateshwaran)
12: TCACLEAN schedule change (Amol Joshi)
13: cancelled reservation today 18:30-22:00 (Sean T. Hansen)
14: tylan1 run (
15: Tylan#1 shutdown (David Caudillo)
16: removing shutdown (Ray Seymour)
17: Tylan#1 now availible (David Caudillo)
18: I won't be able to use my reservation this afternoon. Sorry for the late notice. Pierre (Pierre-F. Indermuhle)
19: tube is up (Ray Seymour)
20: Tylan bank move Feb 5 (Dick Crane)
21: tylan1 We, 01/30 7:30-14:30 free (Stefan Zappe)
22: Oxidation furnaces ready to go (Dick Crane)
23: Tylan7 back to silicide furnace (Nancy Latta)
24: Loss of house vacuum on Monday6-17-02 (Ted Berg)
25: Re: Loss of house vacuum on Monday6-17-02] (Ted Berg)
26: cancelled reservation (Gladys Sarmiento)
27: : Tylan Ox Furnaces: TCA System Upgrade (Jim McVittie)
28: tube maint done (Ray Seymour)
29: Update on TCA Problem with SNF Ox Tubes (Jim McVittie)
30: Tylan TCA Problem Update (Jim McVittie)
31: tylan1 free until 1600 (Colby Bellew)
32: New Oxidation Log (Nancy Latta)
33: tube is up to run (Ray Seymour)
34: Tylan1 free from 1830 today (Benjamin Chui)
35: Using from 3pm to 6:20pm (Ching-Hsiang Cheng)
36: A good tool (mcaudillo)
37: A IE 6.0 patch (jawad)
38: AddDesktop.href (ericp9)
39: HEPA air shutdown tylan1-4, wbgaas, AG4108 (Dick Crane)
40: HEPA air shutdown 3/25 0600-1200 (Dick Crane)
41: Tylan1 free starting at 18:30 on Weds. June 4 (Hector Cavazos)
42: reservation cancelled from AM 11:00 to PM 3:30 today (chih-chang)
43: tube is down (Ray Seymour)
44: tube is up (Ray Seymour)
45: Thin ox advice, please (Nancy Latta)
46: Reservation Free from 6pm today to 12 am (Hemanth Jagannathan)
47: Furnace Conversion- Explanation and Status (Nancy Latta)
48: Tylan1 free Sunday after 12 noon. (Alireza Nojeh)
49: tylan1 free 10:00-15:30 Feb. 18 (Hiroyuki Sanda)
50: tylan1 free 10-15 Thursday (Hiroyuki Sanda)
51: done early, temperature is coming back to 800C now (Hiroyuki Sanda)
52: WBdiff will be going down on March 11 to install a 6"/4" srd (ted berg)
53: WBdiff Down tomorrow for new rinser dryer install (ted berg)
54: tylan1 free til 7:30 (Maurice Stevens)
55: MFS alarms (Ray Seymour)
56: shutdown (Ray Seymour)
57: tube is up (Ray Seymour)
58: removed shutdown (Ray Seymour)
59: tube seems to be working fine (Sharleen Beckwith)
60: Tylan1 is free from 18:30(today)-12:30(tomorrow) (Amir Ali Haj Hossein Talasaz)
61: Tylan1 free from 9am to 12:30pm (Hemanth Jagannathan)
62: Tylan4 is now gold contaminated! (Nancy Latta)
63: coral system is down; next user please enable it over me. (Pradeep K. Nataraj)
64: reservation cancelled Wed 22:00- Thur 13:00 (Kris Vossough)
65: tylan1 free till 10pm (Hiroyuki Sanda)
66: tylan1 free until 2pm today (Hiroyuki Sanda)
67: reservation canceled (YAO,JIN)
68: Nancy's reservation tonight (Arif Sanli Ergun)
69: tylan1 reservation cancelled (Gladys Sarmiento)
70: cancel res. today (Arif Sanli Ergun)
71: Tylan1 free until 5:30pm (Carl Faulkner)
72: Thickness problem? (Steve Zhuang)
73: Re: Thickness problem? (Kris Vossough)
74: tylan1 reservation cancelled (Robin King)
75: Nonstop scrolling of Tycom (Ted Berg)
76: Tycom Issues (Ted Berg)
77: Re: Cancelled Reservation 6pm (wednesday)-12pm(thursday) (
78: reservation cancelled 2-6pm (A. Alvin Barlian)
79: Remote monitoring of Tylan (Ted Berg)
80: ME342 finished early (A. Alvin Barlian)
81: Re: Reservation Cancellation today at 6pm to Saturday at 2:30pm (
82: tylan1 is free tonight (Robin King)
83: Tylan1 free Tuesday, July 5th (Gloria Wong)
84: res removed saturday 10am (Ali Kemal Okyay)
85: reservation removed for Wed, July 6; 10 am (Mehmet Gunhan Ertosun)
86: tylan1 is available Wednesday (Robin King)
87: tylan1 free 18:00-24:00 today (Hiroyuki Sanda)
88: Tylan1 available tonight 1900-- (Benjamin Chui)
89: tylan1 free 9-12pm (Jia Feng)
90: tylan1 free 8:30 - 11:30 pm (Jia Feng)
91: tylan1 reservation removed 8am-12pm Friday (
92: Tylan 1 free Tuesday til 11:30am (Gloria Man Ting Wong)
93: Reservation removed Wednesday 10am-2pm (Gloria Wong)
94: Tylan1 is free from 6:30am to 11am on Sunday (Sora Kim)
95: tylan1 free 8am to noon Monday (Carl Faulkner)
96: reservation removed (Il Woong Jung)
97: Tylan1 free 0700hrs Fri 02/17/06 (Abhijit Pethe)
98: shutdown removed (Raymond Seymour)
99: res removed 3pm (Ali Kemal Okyay)