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01: TCA CLEANS (Jaime Garate)
02: Tylan#2 (Jaime Garate)
03: Re: Tylan#2 (George Y. McLean)
04: Reservation Cancel (Jaime Garate)
05: wed morning (Matt Hopcroft)
06: removed my reservation from 3 to 7pm today (Linda Whittelsey)
07: removed reservation for 8-5 today (Linda Whittelsey)
08: oops, reserved again 10-3 today (Linda Whittelsey)
09: free from 2 to 6pm today (Linda Whittelsey)
10: morning res. cancelled (Matt Hopcroft)
11: reservation removed for thurs day (Linda Whittelsey)
12: reservation cancelled (Balaji Venkateshwaran)
13: removed reservation (Theresa Kramer)
14: changing profile t/c (Ray Seymour)
15: tube up (Ray Seymour)
16: tylan2 shutdown (Amol Joshi)
17: TCACLEAN schedule change (Amol Joshi)
18: removed problem (Ray Seymour)
19: TCA clean on Tylan2 (Song Pang)
20: Removed Reservation Tylan2 (Mohammed H. Badi)
21: Moved reservation (frankie liu)
22: tylan2 (
23: Reservation canceled (Qian Wang)
24: TCA clean of Tylan2 to 10AM 12/7/2001 (Yang Xu)
25: Tylan bank move Feb 5 (Dick Crane)
26: Oxidation furnaces ready to go (Dick Crane)
27: Loss of house vacuum on Monday6-17-02 (Ted Berg)
28: Re: Loss of house vacuum on Monday6-17-02] (Ted Berg)
29: finished early (
30: Tylan2 free until 20:30 9/6 (Rob Norris Candler)
31: Shut down tube (Ray Seymour)
32: Furnace 2 back in operation! (Nancy Latta)
33: Thermal oxide stress (Yahong Yao)
34: Japanese lass' sexy pictures (gisele)
35: Fw:tylan2,your password (greg)
36: HEPA air shutdown tylan1-4, wbgaas, AG4108 (Dick Crane)
37: TCA clean ran Thursday night on tylan2 (Colby Bellew)
38: tylan2 available Thursday 15:30-- (Yahong Yao)
39: Tylan2 available after 4PM Sunday (Onur KILIC)
40: reservation cancelled on sunday from 17 to 21:30 (bob hou)
41: tylan2 free start at 11am (bob hou)
42: TCA clean (Qian Wang)
43: Oxide Uniformity in Tylans (Jim McVittie)
44: reservation cancelled (Xiaolei Liu)
45: tylan2 free from 5PM-23PM tonight (Hiroyuki Sanda)
46: will finish @ 4pm, OK to use after that (
47: removed reservation tomorrow 9:30AM to 3:30PM (Woo-Tae Park)
48: Clean and Oxidation (Bipin Rajendran)
49: cancelled reservation today on Tylan2 4pm to 11am (
50: Cancelled Reservation on Tylan2 5pm to 10am tonight (
51: MFS alarms (Ray Seymour)
52: Furnace clean (Qian Wang)
53: Tylan2 available for use (Han Jun Kim)
54: Reservation removed 18:30 to 20:30 today (Morgan Douglas Mager)
55: tylan2 reservation is cancelled today(13~18PM) (Hoon Cho)
56: tylan2 is available for use now (Kim, Han-Jun)
57: cancel reservation today (Arif Sanli Ergun)
58: cannot come (Arif Sanli Ergun)
59: tylan 2 Friday 6:30AM released (Onur Kilic)
60: reservation released 18:30-22:30 today (Hiroyuki Sanda)
61: Wednesday's (12/1) reservation cancelled. (Gladys Sarmiento)
62: Removed Reservation (arvind sundaramurthy)
63: Reservation cancelled from 3-7pm today, Sunday and Monday (Khanh Nguyen)
64: tyln2 free 10:00-13:00 (Erhan Ata)
65: free 10AM-1PM , 1/12 (Bipin Rajendran)
66: free 4:30-9 - mandatory class conflict (Ilya Fushman)
67: cancelled tylan2 reservation starting 11 am today (2/14) (Rohit Sudhir Shenoy)
68: Tylan2 is available this eve (Robin King)
69: ME342 finished early (A. Alvin Barlian)
70: tylan2 reservation cancelled 5-8pm (Gladys Sarmiento)
71: Cancelled reservation. (Gladys Sarmiento)
72: cancelled 3pm~10pm reserbation, Tuseday (Cho, Hoon)
73: cancelled tonight reserbation Tylan2 (Cho, Hoon)
74: res removed today (Ali K. Okyay)
75: Tylan2 free this evening 1830-2130 (Benjamin Chui)
76: res removed today (Ali K. Okyay)
77: res removed today (Ali K. Okyay)
78: tylan 2 free until 15:00 thu jun 2nd (Tejas Krishnamohan)
79: res removed 17:30 (Ali K. Okyay)
80: Re: Reservation Cancellation today at 6pm to Saturday at 2:30pm (
81: res removed sorry for the late notice (Ali K. Okyay)
82: done early (Mary Kraft)
83: res removed today (Ali Kemal Okyay)
84: res removed tonight (Ali K. Okyay)
85: Cancelled today's reservation (Gladys Sarmiento)
86: Monday morning reservation removed (Gladys Sarmiento)
87: res removed saturday 10am (Ali Kemal Okyay)
88: reservation removed for Wed, July 6; 10 am (Mehmet Gunhan Ertosun)
89: tylan2 is available (Robin King)
90: Tylan2 free now till 1800 (Benjamin Chui)
91: reservation removed 1:00 am -10:00am (Vipin Ayanoor Vitikkate)
92: Tylan 2 free Monday 9am-12pm (Gloria Man Ting Wong)
93: tylan2 free from 20:30 (Il Woong Jung)
94: Tylan2 free in the afternoon (Bipin Rajendran)
95: tylan2 is free until 11pm. (Sora Kim)
96: res removed today and Friday (
97: reservation for tomorrow removed (Bipin Rajendran)
98: reservation removed 1500-1900 (Il Woong Jung)
99: Tube free till 11:00am tomorrow (Abhijit Pethe)