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01: Silane gas cylinder change (Bob Wheeler)
02: LTO update (Keith Gaul)
03: LPCVD's will be down tomorrow (Keith Gaul)
04: TEOS Oxide Deposition Pole (Jim McVittie)
05: Tylanbpsg Cancellation Sat.0800-1700 (david caudillo)
06: LTO Cleaning schedule (Keith Gaul)
07: Characterization test (Jaime Garate)
08: Re: Characterization test (Nick Lindert)
09: Re: Characterization test (Nick Lindert)
10: LTO Furnace (Jaime Garate)
11: LTO Furnace (Jaime Garate)
12: Reservation removed (Brian Joseph Greene)
13: cancel reservation (Yayoi Takamura)
14: tylanbpsg#11 9/15 cancellation (david caudillo)
15: Silane Cylinder change for furnaces (Keith Gaul)
16: burnbox clean (Ray Seymour)
17: can't use LTO reservation tonight (Jawad Nasrullah)
18: Release (Jaime Garate)
19: Terminal Down!! (Jaime Garate)
20: Re: Terminal Down!! (Jaime Garate)
21: Re: Terminal Down!! (Jaime Garate)
22: LTO uniformity (Mohammed H. Badi)
24: gas shroud broken (Matt Hopcroft)
25: burnbox (Ray Seymour)
26: burnbox shutdown (Ray Seymour)
27: burnbox (Ray Seymour)
28: Quartz clean (Ray Seymour)
29: tube status (Ray Seymour)
30: tylanbpsg cancellation 3/21 10:00-14:30 (David Caudillo)
31: Up again! (Nancy Latta)
32: Sloppy Record Keeping (Nancy Latta)
33: Re: Shutdown tylanbpsg 2001-03-30 01:52:29: one boat broken] (Ray Seymour)
34: Strip the dummies! (Matt Hopcroft)
35: done early (Vikram Bala)
36: Free from now till 19:00 (Chi On Chui)
37: reservation cancelled (Jawad Nasrullah)
38: reservation cancelled (Sanli Ergun)
39: tylanbpsg status? (Nick Lindert)
40: LTO up! (Nancy Latta)
41: Released time (Brian Joseph Greene)
42: boat too far in (Ray Seymour)
43: Silane bottle change (Ray Seymour)
44: tube status (Ray Seymour)
45: System up again (Nancy Latta)
46: Missing Quartz piece (Ray Seymour)
47: silane cylinder change (Ray Seymour)
48: quartzware (Ray Seymour)
49: Burnbox problem (Ray Seymour)
50: burnbox shutdown cleared (Ray Seymour)
51: tube clean notice (Ray Seymour)
52: Cancelled resv. (Sean T. Hansen)
53: pull and clean (Ray Seymour)
54: Shutdown removed (Ray Seymour)
55: cancelled resv. Fri: 13:30-20:00 (Sean T. Hansen)
56: BPSG Free for tonight (Jagannathan Hemanth)
57: MFS460 alarm (Ray Seymour)
58: tube clean (Ray Seymour)
59: tube clean (Ray Seymour)
60: Cancelled Reservation 7-26-01 (David Caudillo-Malik)
61: Cancel lation 7-27 (David Caudillo-Malik)
62: Toxic gas shutdown Aug. 6 (Dick Crane)
63: LTO dummies (Gladys Sarmiento)
64: reservation (Phillip Himmer)
65: Toxic gas tests complete (Dick Crane)
66: SIH4 calibration (Ray Seymour)
67: remove reservation (Yayoi Takamura)
68: tube clean (Ray Seymour)
69: LTO still on shutdown (Nancy Latta)
70: tube status (Ray Seymour)
71: LTO uniformity good- System Up! (Nancy Latta)
72: cancel reservation (Yayoi Takamura)
73: Comment tylanbpsg 2001-08-22 13:12:33: my wafers came out clean...have not looked (fwd) (Sharleen Beckwith)
74: Comment tylanbpsg 2001-08-22 13:40:33: oxide is very non-uniform on each wafer (fwd) (Sharleen Beckwith)
75: remove reservation (Yayoi Takamura)
76: Re: remove reservation (Chi On Chui)
77: removed reservation (Ali Mokhberi)
78: shutdown (Ray Seymour)
79: tube status (Ray Seymour)
80: Released for use! (Nancy Latta)
81: tube free sat morning. (Mohammed H. Badi)
82: LTO Status (Mary Tang)
83: LTO back! (Nancy Latta)
84: Re: Problem tylanbpsg 2001-09-18 12:49:21: moving cable rubbing against metal panel (Sharleen Beckwith)
85: silane cylinder (ray seymour)
86: silane cylinder change (ray seymour)
87: silane status (ray seymour)
88: typlanbpsg free sunday night (Aaron Partridge)
89: Aaron's reservation (Amol Joshi)
90: Re: failure notice] (Mike Dickey)
91: Pull and Clean (Mike Dickey)
92: stripping dummies in BPSG (Balaji Venkateshwaran)
93: Re: stripping dummies in BPSG (Liji Huang)
94: metal and non-metal wands (Sanli Ergun)
95: Re: metal and non-metal wands (Nancy Latta)
96: Re: metal and non-metal wands (Sharleen Beckwith)
97: Silane cylinder change (Ray Seymour)
98: silane cylinder change (Ray Seymour)
99: Silane cylinder change. (Ray Seymour)