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01: Upcoming Cleaning on tylannitride (Keith Gaul)
02: res. removed (john chiaverini)
03: LPCVD's will be down tomorrow (Keith Gaul)
04: mfs alarm went off (S. J. Smullin)
05: Nitride Status (Keith Gaul)
06: Nitride Furnace Characterisation (Jaime Garate)
07: Nitride Furnace Characterisation (Jaime Garate)
08: Characterisation (Jaime Garate)
09: reservation cancelled (Amol Ramesh Joshi)
10: reservation removal (Sanli Ergun)
11: Reservation removed (Brian Joseph Greene)
12: 8/28 10:00-14:00 Cancelled (david caudillo)
13: tylannitride reservations cancelled (Amy Bowers)
14: nitride run time (Lian Zhang)
15: burnbox clean (Ray Seymour)
16: Do you need 0.5 micron nitride? (Eric Perozziello)
17: Re: Do you need 0.5 micron nitride? (Alexander Michael Aravanis)
18: Cancelation (Jaime Garate)
19: Terminal Down!! (Jaime Garate)
20: Re: Terminal Down!! (Jaime Garate)
21: Re: Terminal Down!! (Jaime Garate)
22: Gas Bottle (Jaime Garate)
23: reservation cancelation (Eehern Wong)
24: not using reservation tonight/tomorrow AM (Eric Perozziello)
25: Canceled my nitride reservation for tomorrow (Pascal Zwahlen)
26: Pull & Clean (Jaime Garate)
27: Re: Pull & Clean (Eehern Wong)
28: Diclorosilane bottle recirculator. (Ray Seymour)
29: Leak (Jaime Garate)
30: Nitride Status (Jaime Garate)
31: Status (Jaime Garate)
32: Status (Jaime Garate)
33: Low Stress Nitride results (Nancy Latta)
34: Re: Low Stress Nitride results (Eehern Wong)
35: Re: Low Stress Nitride results (Eehern Wong)
36: Nitride (Jaime Garate)
37: Cancelled thurs reservation 9-1630 (Mohammed H. Badi)
38: LONH378 Deposition info (Mohammed H. Badi)
39: Baffle replacement (Ray Seymour)
40: door sensor (Mike Dickey)
41: reservation cancelled (Sean T. Hansen)
42: system is up (Ray Seymour)
43: NH3 cylinder change (Ray Seymour)
44: system is up (Ray Seymour)
45: LONH378 Info (Mohammed H. Badi)
46: NH3 flow errors (Ray Seymour)
47: burnbox (Ray Seymour)
48: burnbox shutdown (Ray Seymour)
49: burnbox (Ray Seymour)
50: cancelled reservation (Sean T. Hansen)
51: tube is up (Ray Seymour)
52: reservation cancelled on Mar 22, Thur (Sanli Ergun)
53: Reservation for Wednesday 3/28/2001 (Dinh Ton)
54: reservation cancellation on 03/28 (Sanli Ergun)
55: Deposition Info (Mohammed H. Badi)
56: problem (Sanli Ergun)
57: Tylannitride available (Daniel James Laser)
58: Reservation Cancelled today (Mayur Joshi)
59: canc res nitride tube Thurs 11am-6pm (Daniel James Laser)
60: Cancel nitride reservation (The Wen's)
61: removed reservation (April Wen)
62: Silane bottle change (Ray Seymour)
63: Cancel:5/18 Tylannitride reserv. (David Caudillo)
64: Shutdown (Ray Seymour)
65: Burnbox problem (Ray Seymour)
66: burnbox shutdown cleared (Ray Seymour)
67: Tube clean (Ray Seymour)
68: tylannitride cancelled reservation (David Caudillo)
69: Res. from 18:30 till 21:00 removed! (Chi On Chui)
70: furnace free tomorrow night. (Dachen Chu)
71: remove reservation noon to 5 7/3/01 (Linda Whittelsey)
72: system up (Ray Seymour)
73: reservation cancellation (Sanli Ergun)
74: Reservation cancelled (Hemanth Jagannathan)
75: Tube Free Wed morning (Mohammed H. Badi)
76: Res removed - Wed 10pm (Michael S. Bartsch)
77: Nitride Tube results (Mohammed H. Badi)
78: Toxic gas shutdown Aug. 6 (Dick Crane)
79: Toxic gas tests complete (Dick Crane)
80: LONH378 test results (Nancy Latta)
81: tube free 6pm-midnight (Michael S. Bartsch)
82: tube status (Ray Seymour)
83: Res Removed 7pm-2am (Michael S. Bartsch)
84: Reservation Cancelled Tylan Nitride free till 10pm (Hemanth Jagannathan)
85: Re: Reservation Cancelled Tylan Nitride free till 10pm (
86: LONH378 (John Lee)
87: tylannitride dep log (Gladys Sarmiento)
88: LONH378 Run Data (Mohammed H. Badi)
89: More Deposition Data (Mohammed H. Badi)
90: My time slot for this afternoon is free (Dinh Ton)
91: Res removed! 8/31 10:30-3:00 (Nancy Latta)
92: tube clean (Ray Seymour)
93: Back in business! (Nancy Latta)
94: cancelled reservation on tues (Mohammed H. Badi)
95: won't make reservation (Mohammed H. Badi)
96: reservation removal (Mohammed H. Badi)
97: metal and non-metal wands (Sanli Ergun)
98: Re: metal and non-metal wands (Nancy Latta)
99: Re: metal and non-metal wands (Sharleen Beckwith)