Subject: Tylan LPCVD update
From: maurice stevens <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 16:42:07 -0700

Hi LPCVD users,

TheTylan LPCVD tubes are currently down for two safety issues.  One is a 
pump/exhaust issue that we have narrowed down to the TylanNitride 
system.  The other is pin holes in the burnbox exhaust.

All the Tylan LPCVD feed their exhausted gases into one burnbox (located 
behind the furnaces).  This past  Tuesday we found pinholes in the 
exhaust duct that leaves the burnbox and goes into the building 
scrubber.  The duct needs to be replaced before we can run the furnaces.

Ted has schedule the duct replacement for early Monday morning.  We 
expect that it will only take one day and TylanBPSG and Teos2 may come 
up on Tues.  We will run dummy runs on the tubes to check things out.

TylanNitride will take longer..  We will not bring it back up until we 
are sure it is safe.  We are still investigate it's problems and may 
need to replace the pump and add additional monitors.

Look for another update Monday afternoon.



Maurice Stevens
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