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01: missing handle (Lian Zhang)
02: wbmetal/wbnitride spin dryer (Amol Ramesh Joshi)
03: Using the wbnitride spin dryer (Nancy Latta)
04: SVC-127 name change (Nancy Latta)
05: Spin Dryer Settings (Nancy Latta)
06: WBMETAL Dump Rinsers are working again (Jim McVittie)
07: Re: Spindryer leaks (Sharleen Beckwith)
08: Al/Si-Ti etch (Sanli Ergun)
09: Ti etch (Sanli Ergun)
10: Re: Ti etch (Theresa Kramer)
11: Teflon lid to PRX-127 removed! (Nancy Latta)
12: titanium etch in metal wetbench (Eun-Ha Kim)
13: dump/rinser is not working (Eun-Ha Kim)
14: 6:1 BOE in 20:1 BOE tank at wbmetal (Kelvin Liu)
15: Etch oxide on germanium film (Eun-Ha Kim)
16: Re: Etch oxide on germanium film (
17: WBMETAL/WBDIFF: Please clean up (Nabeel Ibrahim)
18: HF mess (Sharleen Beckwith)
19: broken wafers in the hot pots (Sharleen Beckwith)
20: Technologies, Inc. ( (labmembers)
21: So cool a flash,enjoy it (arvanitakis_justina)
22: Absolute (booth)
23: wet bench shutdown Tuesday 2-11-03 (Dick Crane)
25: Re: Weekend chemical use rate critical] (Uli Thumser)
26: out of PRS1000 (Sanli Ergun)
27: Re: out of PRS1000 (Mahnaz)
28: Re: out of PRS1000 (Maurice Stevens)
29: DI water at overflow rinse tank should be off (Uli Thumser)
30: ti etch (phillip himmer)
31: teflon boat for pieces, help! (Ignacio A. Zuleta)
32: PAD ETCH (Ignacio A. Zuleta)
33: PAD ETCH (Giaquinto, Bob)
34: does BOE attack Ni and/or Ti? (Ankur Jain)
35: PRX127 (Uli Thumser)
36: W wet etch (Arash Hazeghi)
37: Particle Problem - or - Randy True is the SNF Labmember-of-the-month! (Mary Tang)
38: Pad Etch (Arif Sanli Ergun)
39: LTO wet etch rate (Arash Hazeghi)
40: Pad etch ecth rate? (Hyeun-su Kim)
41: Amazing, Neil (Jermaine Hatch)
42: Amazing, Levi (Christina Frederick)
43: Amazing, Louis (Omar Bacon
44: Amazing, Gale (Young Valle)
45: Amazing, Aurelio (Jeanette Crawford)
46: Amazing, Carrie (Miriam Vera)
47: Amazing, Dorthy (Randy Abernathy)
48: Amazing, Andy (Elmo Reeves)
49: Amazing, Fredric (Tim Ibarra)
50: Amazing, Cyril (Fannie Davidson)
51: Amazing, Kristy (Blake Caron
52: Amazing, Lacy (Leann Fuentes
53: Amazing, Waldo (Burl Phillips)
54: We never repent of having eaten too little (Ferguson)
55: Unlock and renew your account (Chase Card Services Online Services Team)
56: Your girlfriend (Kate Kinney)
57: Hi, hit me (Sabrina Carney
58: Etch rate of Al in AL-11 Aluminum Etchant (Ankur Jain)
59: PRX127 (Nancy Latta)
60: PRS1000 is the new PRX127 (Nancy Latta)
61: Dump Rinser upgrade (Jim Haydon)
62: wet etching Al over Ti (Ahmet Tura)
63: PRX127 is back! (Nancy Latta)
64: lets keep in touch (webb)
65: Happy hour (luces)
66: Re: Last weekend (Angelita)
67: Re: Any idea (Gail Howell)
68: Re: On time or late (Jerrod)
69: Re: Saw it all (Courtney)
70: Lets go check itout (Chadwick Little)
71: Is this it (Rubi Fields)
72: Wetbench habits (Robin King)
73: On the Use of the PRS-1000 Tank (Jia Feng)
74: Missing wafers (
75: Academic Software News - May 2008 (Academic Software News)
76: Academic Software News - September 2008 (Academic Software News)
77: Education Software News - November 2008 (Education Software News)
78: wetbench use(please read) (Duygu Kuzum)
79: Please return the 2 inch cassettes (Nancy Latta)
80: PRS-1000 stock very low (Peter Chen)
81: please watch out for user stripping resist in PRS-1000 bath (Peter Chen)
82: Question about Ti wet etch rate (
83: Re: More PRS-1000 needed this weekend (Zhiping Zhang)
84: PRS1000 Alert: Please conserve! (Mary Tang)
85: New PEEK rails installed on SRD (Jim Haydon)