Subject: Problem wbmetal SNF 2012-12-02 15:27:02: Interlocks switched ...

The wbmetal interlock is in wbnitride and vice-versa.  To fix this temporarily, I've
swapped the IP addresses in the data base so that when you enable wbmetal, you enable
the IP address of the interlock that should be in wbnitride but is actually in wbmetal.
So, things work properly and we can fix this in one of two ways:
1.  Leave things as they currenty are and simply swap the labels on the interlocks in
the 2 machines (so that the machine name and MAC address match) and then permanently
change this in both Badger and Coral and our records.
2. Phyically move the interlocks and the switch back the 2 IP addresses in Coral.
Your choice ....