Subject: Problem wbsilicide SNF 2008-02-24 09:15:54: Leak under wbsilicide .... FuseSeal, I think
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 09:15:55 -0800

This morning I received a call at 6:40 a.m. from Work Control reporting a Lab Leak Detector
I got organized and got in a bit after 7:00.  The TraceTek was reading 90, which I acknowledged
but did not yet reset, which placed it in the fingerwall between wbdiff and wbsilicide.
After a little looking around, I realized that the source of the leak was underneath
wbsilicide and had gradually worked it's way into the fingerwall between the two metal
floor plates where, I think, it had triggered the TraceTek.
So, I started with the SpilFyter strips and determined that it was both low in pH and
contained oxidizer .... OK, sulfuric or hydrogen chloride mixed with peroxide.  So,
bedecked in green boots and yellow gloves, I carefully mop up with various absorbent
layers and then used the purple acid neutralization solution as best as I could.  I
believe that it is in pretty good shape .... but I would still never crawl under there
or lay on my back under there without some sort of plastic/absorbent underneath me.
To the best of my knowledge, while I saw no dripping, I believe that the source of the
leak is one of the FuseSeal joints coming out the bottom of that sink.  In fact, one
of the joints looked damp and I tested it with normal pH paper and found it to measure
a pH of near 1.  I've marked the joint in question with a couple of the red "twist ties".
 I've also placed a nalgene tub on top of a couple of yellow abosorbent pads.
While I will write this up (and likely use this text as my problem report), I see no
reason to shutdown the sink at this poiint.  If anything, catching some liquid in the
tub will help to confirm if my hypothesis of the location of the leak is correct.