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01: Drytek1 is shutdown (Len Booth)
02: SF6 (Bob Wheeler)
03: Re: SF6 (Bob Wheeler)
04: reservation cancelled (Jeff Florando)
05: Reservation (Jeff Florando)
06: Users - please report problem (Dinh Ton)
07: Re: Users - please report problem (Yahong Yao)
08: Re: Users - please report problem (Kenneth Brian Crozier)
09: Drytek1 is up again (Len Booth)
10: Finished early (Yves-Alain Peter)
11: need 1 hour spot this afternoon (Yves-Alain Peter)
12: reservation from 10 to 13 canceled (rainer fasching)
13: Freon-115 (C2ClF5) (Len Booth)
14: Freon115 nears empty (Dick Crane)
15: Re: Freon115 nears empty] (Dick Crane)
16: F115-Replacement (Jim McVittie)
17: F115-Replacement- Correction (Jim McVittie)
18: Near end of F-115 (Len Booth)
19: Freon115 changes to Freon22 tomorrow (Dick Crane)
20: Drytek poly-etch using Freon-22 (Len Booth)
21: Cancelled Reservation Today @3:30pm to 5:30pm (
22: Use of Freon 13B1 in Drytek 1 & 2 (Len Booth)
23: released reservation thurs 7:30 - 11:30 AM (Patrick Lu)
24: Aniso Etch (
25: canceled res 12 - 5 (Patrick Ping-Chi Lu)
26: Canceled reservation 15:30-17:00 (Barbara Wacker)
27: Drytek1 Loose Electrode Problem anf Fix (Jim McVittie)
28: Canceled Reservation (Tim Schultz)
29: free 11am-2pm (Patrick Lu)
30: Rebuilding Drytek1 Matching Network (Jim McVittie)
31: Reservation Time Free (Tim Schultz)
32: Drytek1 Flow Calibration (Jim McVittie)
33: F13B1 no longer available- soon! (Nancy Latta)
34: New Email Address (Mohammed H. Badi)
35: Si Etching advice (Morgan Douglas Mager)
36: Re: Drytek trick (Sara Zhao)
37: F13B1 gas no longer available (Nancy Latta)
38: O2 Plasma (Josh Ratchford)
39: Academic Discount Software (Education Software Discounts)
40: Eat not to dullness, drink not to elevation (Darwin)
41: Your account access has been limited (Chase Card Services Online Services Team)
42: Your online account has been limited (Chase Card Services Online Services Team)
43: Removed Res 1:30-3:30PM - Samples Not Ready (Raghav Sreenivasan)
44: [drytek1] long use (Hyeun-su Kim)
45: Education Discounts on Microsoft, Adobe, & Symantec (Computer Products)
46: Adobe Blow-Out Educational Prices (Adobe Academic Team)
47: Software Discounts for Teachers, Staff, Students, Schools (Education Software)
48: Autodesk AutoCAD Educational Software Special (CPE Autodesk Academic Team)
49: Drytek 1 Timer Warning (Sebastian Jeremias Osterfeld)
50: Reservation cancelled 4pm to 6pm today (Sebastian J. Osterfeld)
51: Out of Reon 22 (Mary Tang)
52: Advice on dry etching of polyimide film? (Dok Won Lee)
53: PLEASE RETURN - DRYTEK 1Red Binder (Latisha Crockett)
54: SF6 is unavailable (Mary Tang)
55: the alignment mark etching on Pyrex glass wafer (c.c.)
56: finished early (
57: Information about CF4 etching? (Xiangyu Chen)
58: W etch recipe in drytek1 (Marlene Ferrier)
59: Looking for anisotropic poly Si etch recipy (Jiale Liang)
60: Warning: No CF4 gas (Mary Tang)
61: Re: Warning: No CF4 gas (Mary Tang)
62: Drytek1 powermeter calibration (Jim McVittie)
63: Wednesday reservation released 8.00am -2:00pm (
64: Recipe for nanotube (Yoon Jin Won)
65: drytek1 Mon afternoon released (Jason Matthew Parker)
66: Drytek1 now pumping down looks good. (Pradeep Nataraj)
67: Drytek1 phase out (Mary Tang)
68: Re: Drytek1 phase out (Mary Tang)
69: New date for drytek1 Transition: Monday, Sept. 26 (Mary Tang)
70: One less drytek.... (Mary Tang)