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01: SF6 (Bob Wheeler)
02: Re: SF6 (Bob Wheeler)
03: Drytek2 - read the logbook etch rate info! (Len Booth)
04: resist harden for heavy implants (Yiching Liang)
05: Repairs (Len Booth)
06: STILL DOWN!!!!! (Cesar Baxter)
07: not using res (john chiaverini)
08: res removed (john chiaverini)
09: streaks on wafers (S. J. Smullin)
10: Re: streaks on wafers (Lian Zhang)
11: drytek2 problem (Utkan Demirci)
12: Drytek2 status 8/14/00 (Len Booth)
13: Re: Drytek2 status 8/14/00 (Jim McVittie)
14: CleanUp - A New Matrix Program (Jim McVittie)
15: Drytek2 is up. (Len Booth)
16: reservation cancellation (John Emes)
17: reservation (Tom)
18: Re: reservation (Dan Grupp)
19: remember to run standby (S. J. Smullin)
20: Drytek2 is available from 13:00 to 14:30 today (Hyun-Jin Cho)
21: shutdown procedure (Matt Hopcroft)
22: Missing tapes? (Nancy Latta)
23: cancelled 7p-8p reservation (George Y. McLean)
24: reservation cancellation (Sanli Ergun)
25: don't use electrode 3 (Sanli Ergun)
26: etch rate of program 3 (Yahong Yao)
27: Drytek2 - aluminum RF conductors (Len Booth)
28: cancelled res 12:30-2:30 (Rob Norris Candler)
29: reservation removed (Casey Feinstein)
30: Video Tape (Henry Phan)
31: Wafers aren't ready: drytek2 free from 3PM to 4:30PM (Stefan Zappe)
32: finished early, machine is available until 2:30 pm (Sharleen Beckwith)
33: cancelling 4:00 res (Joseph P Castle)
34: drytek2 (Benjamin Chui)
35: The drytek2 has etched Si on pyrex wafers on 7/1 and 7/2 for 2 min each (Eaden Saw)
36: Done early (Colby Bellew)
37: wafers not ready, free 10-noon. sorry for the late notice (Gary Yama)
38: cancelled res. 10-11:30, finished early (Rob Norris Candler)
39: Shutdown (Cesar Baxter)
40: drytek2 free fom 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm and 6:00 to 7:00 pm today. started and done early (Vikas Galhotra)
41: res removed on drytek2 tonight 7-10 (Samuel_B_Schaevitz)
42: Re: reservation removed 4-5pm today. (Alireza Nojeh)
43: Shutdown, repair and upgrade (Dick Crane)
44: drytek2 1100-1200 & 1530-1630 released (Yahong Yao)
45: reservation removed this evening (Ching-Hsiang Cheng)
46: Reservation Cancelled 5-8pm today (Ching-Hsiang Cheng)
47: Report on the Upgrade to Drytek2 (Jim McVittie)
48: done early, free to 10pm (
49: Introduction on ADSL (calvinhsueh)
50: Returned mail--"how are you" (postmaster)
51: Freon-115 (C2ClF5) (Len Booth)
52: Freon115 nears empty (Dick Crane)
53: Re: Freon115 nears empty] (Dick Crane)
54: F115-Replacement (Jim McVittie)
55: F115-Replacement- Correction (Jim McVittie)
56: res. cancelled today 05/16 (Sanli Ergun)
57: Near end of F-115 (Len Booth)
58: cancel res. 05/20 17:30 (Sanli Ergun)
59: Freon115 changes to Freon22 tomorrow (Dick Crane)
60: Drytek poly-etch using Freon-22 (Len Booth)
61: Canceling res: 930 to 1100 (Joseph P Castle)
62: 5 - 6 Res. cancelled (
63: Use of Freon 13B1 in Drytek 1 & 2 (Len Booth)
64: Cancelled Reservation Today @4:30pm to 5:30pm (masa)
65: Available 9-10am Wednesday (Carl Faulkner)
66: drytek2 free 13:00~14:30 (Yaocheng Liu)
67: finished early. Releasing reservation (Abhijit Pethe)
68: F13B1 no longer available- soon! (Nancy Latta)
69: Reservation Canceled (Tim Schultz)
70: drytek2 free 9pm-12am (Patrick Lu)
71: Re: Drytek trick (Sara Zhao)
72: F13B1 gas no longer available (Nancy Latta)
73: Please shut down Drytek2 properly (Jia Feng)
74: drytek2 free 2-3p today (Carl Faulkner)
75: cancel res. for drytek2 today from 1pm to 3pm (Elvis Der-Song Lin)
76: Semi-Annual PM (Cesar Baxter)
77: Drytek2 6-8PM today res removed (Bipin Rajendran)
78: free until 10:30 (Ginel Hill)
79: drytek free tomorrow morning, possibly more (Ginel Hill)
80: Your account access has been limited (Chase Card Services Online Services Team)
81: Your online account has been limited (Chase Card Services Online Services Team)
82: drytek2 free now to 5 (Pei-Chen Su)
83: Drytek2 free till 1.30 (Jonathan Edgar Roth)
84: can't get on coral to cancel, 8/10, 8:30-10:30am res, please feel free to use. wafers not ready. GYAMA (
85: Out of Reon 22 (Mary Tang)
86: Blower (Cesar M Baxter)
87: PUMP (Cesar M Baxter)
88: SF6 is unavailable (Mary Tang)
89: drytek2 2pm reservation cleared (Jinendra Raja Jain)
90: reservation removed (Caner Onal)
91: Si etch recipe (Arash Hazeghi)
92: Re: Si etch recipe (SangBum Kim)
93: Reservation released today 9:00-11:00 am (Nahid Harjee)
94: drytek2 inconsistent results (Arash Hazeghi)
95: Re: drytek2 inconsistent results (John Shott)
96: Re: drytek2 inconsistent results (Arash Hazeghi)
97: Re: drytek2 inconsistent results (Jim McVittie)
98: drytek2 free from 1PM to 3:30PM (SangBum Kim)
99: Educational Software News - June 2008 (Educational Software Newsletter)