Subject: Thinfilms morning report 11/06/02
From: Jim Haydon <>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 09:30:33 -0800

Balzers:    cryo pump should be installed today
Gryphon:    may have a flakiness with the ion gauge controller but is ok
to use
Implanter:    ok
Innotec:     ok
Metalica:    ok
STS Dep:    problem with the high frequency RF may take several days to
resolve system may partially usable for some processes
wbgen- CTB:    ok
wbgen-LHP:    ok
wbgen-RHP:    ok
wbMETAL:    ok
wbNITRIDE:    ok
wbNONMETAL:    ok
wbDIFF:    ok
wbSILICIDE:    ok
wbGAASCL:    ok
wbMISCRES:    ok
wbOPTRES:    ok
DI WATER:    ok