Subject: ESPACER has been received and is now stocked in the lab. Restrictions on usage due to its cost now in place.
From: "James W. Conway" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 18:04:45 -0800

Greetings Ebeam Lab Users:

Our preferred conductive spin-on surface charge compensation polymer, ESPACER 300z, has been received as expected.  The cost of 100 grams of this material has increased to $3000.00 USD, roughly twice what it has cost in the previous orders.   This is an extremely expensive and fragile polymer material that needs to be handled carefully as it will rapidly decompose upon exposure to air or room temperature conditions.  Due to this increased cost we will now be restricting this material's usage to Ebeam Lithography usage only.  Users seeking to utilize this material for other purposes will need to see me during my office hours to obtain my permission for usage.  None of this material is to leave the SNF clean room in any volume without my permission.

SNF Guidelines for handling and Usage of Espacer 300z:

More Information on handling and applying Espacer 300z:

Showa Denko website Espacer Technical Bulletin:

Devin K. Brown at GIT Nanotech has a very nice web page about Espacer you may refer to at
He includes a great PowerPoint presentation on Charging and Charge Compensation with several examples at

If you have any questions -- please see me during office hours.

Thank you,

James Conway
Ebeam Technology Group