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00: Raith shifting problem fixed yet? (Kenneth Chen)
01: Re: Raith shifting problem fixed yet? NO CURRENT WORKAROUND (James Conway)
02: RAITH 150 Plan for some down time and loss of access next week. TUE WED THURS. 3 - 15 to 3-18-05 (James Conway)
03: Plan for down time on RAITH -- I will likely need lxuwind's Mondays session next week. (James Conway)
04: Raith reservation cancelled 7-12 tonight (Liang Xu)
05: Re: Raith reservation cancelled 7-12 tonight (Clifford Hicks)
06: raith open 8.30am-1pm tomorrow thurs (Na Young Kim)
07: Res. Removed 1800-2200 {Samples not ready} (Rohan D. Kekatpure)
08: Re: Comment raith SNF 2005-03-09 17:35:30: NO OPERATIONS ABOVE 20 kV] (James Conway)
09: Re: Comment raith SNF 2005-03-09 17:35:30: NO OPERATIONS ABOVE 20 kV] (James Conway)
10: Problem raith SNF 2005-03-11 14:20:07: ALL operations restricted to 10 kV through the weekend.] (James Conway)
11: Monday 13:00 through Tuesday 1800 RAITH will likely be off-line for use. Maintenance and BAKEOUT scheduled. (James Conway)
12: reservation 13:00pm-18:00pm cancelled (Liang Xu)
13: finished early (Jien Cao)
14: NO access on system until after 2200 hours (10 PM) (James Conway)
15: No restrictions on acceleration voltage: OPERATIONS APPROVED TO 25 kV for all users. + NEW E?O BOARD (James Conway)
16: Res removed 6:00pm- (Rohan Deodatta Kekatpure)
17: Re: Res removed 6:00pm- (Ilya Fushman)
18: Raith:saturday 19:00-4:00am free (Mehmet Fatih Yanik)
19: reservation removed Fri 10pm (Ilya Fushman)
20: Users working on the RAITH Sunday while coral was down -- please report your hours to me so we can adjust charges. (James Conway)
21: Raith::Reservation removed tonight (Hatice Altug)
22: MICROCHEM PMMA website now has FAQ's. (James Conway)
23: Raith free today 4-6pm (Ryan Tu)
24: res cancled 1:00-5:00 pm (Dong-Woon Shin)
25: Re: res cancled 1:00-5:00 pm (Liang Xu)
26: Canceled res Tues: 9-1pm (Ryan Tu)
27: Re: Canceled res Tues: 9-1pm (James Conway)
28: NEW FAQ: ELPHY PLUS switch settings -- 'Please do not adjust the set...' (James Conway)
29: RAITH system offline for users tomorrow afternoon from ~2 PM. RAITH field service and testing of blankers. (James Conway)
30: James Conway out of the office from Friday April 1 returning Tuesday April 5, 2005 (James Conway)
31: Handing off my RAITH session to Hung- Tao (James Conway)
32: Notice of extended downtime planned for APRIL 18, 2005 10:00 through April 21, 2005 18:00 hours. (James Conway)
33: Will finish at 4pm (Hung-Tao Chou)
34: removed res tonight 10pm-1:30 am (Ilya Fushman)
35: sat. res. 3-7pm removed (Na Young Kim)
36: Res 2-6am cancelled (Liang Xu)
37: sick, time open from 15:30-20:00 this afternoon (Hung-Tao Chou)
38: Missing bottle cap for 2% PMMA (Ryan Tu)
39: reservation removed Wed 6pm (Hung-Tao Chou)
40: res cancelled 10pm-2am (Ilya Fushman)
41: 2nd NOTICE: Extended downtime planned for APRIL 18, 2005 9:00 AM through April 22, 2005 12:00 PM (James Conway)
42: res removed sorry: free upto 5:00 pm (Dong-Woon Shin)
43: Re: res removed sorry: free upto 5:00 pm (Ryan Tu)
44: RAITH STATUS 18:45 hours Monday April 11, 2005: SYSTEM IS BACK UP AFTER POWER FAILURE (James Conway)
45: 2005-04-11 18:50:22: Users restricted to 10 kV acceleration voltage until further notice. (James Conway)
46: Raith Status Tuesday April 12, 2005 16:00 hours SYSTEM is UP and normal operation to 10 kV. (James Conway)
47: Raith free now until 12:30 (Ryan Tu)
48: Re: Raith free now until 12:30 (Maria Makarova)
49: Raith Free now till 5:30 (Maria Makarova)
50: UVN30 lift-off (Liang Xu)
51: reservation cancelled 11:30am to 18:30pm (Liang Xu)
52: Raith Status (Mary Tang)
53: Raith-150 Status (
54: Raith 150 stays in red state until Wednesday afternoon (Bernd Stegemann)
55: Raith (James Conway)
56: Re: Announcement: Rashid Zia, Doctoral Defense] (James Conway)
58: finish my session (1AM 4/28) Raith is available now (Shu-Jen Han)
59: RAITH 2005-04-28 16:00:59: Users restricted to no higher than 25 kV. (James Conway)
60: done earlier (
61: Raith available 11:30 to 2pm (Clifford Hicks)
62: machine available from 12:00 to 13:00 (
63: Re: Problem raith SNF 2005-05-04 14:17:09: ELPHY+ LOGIC FOUND REVERSED] (James Conway)
64: Raith available 6-8.30am Friday 5/6 (Clifford Hicks)
65: Seeking the RAITH Notebook NO. 1 Frequently asked questions. (James Conway)
66: removed res tonight at 10 (Ilya Fushman)
67: res removed monday night (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
68: raith free from 5:30-11:00 pm (Dong-Woon Shin)
69: Finished early and DWSHIN cancelled system available for your use. Today's RAITH System Status... (James Conway)
70: reservation cancelled Tuesday 9AM-1PM (Shu-Jen Han)
71: Raith reservation cancelled tonight 21:00pm-4:00am (Hatice Altug)
72: Raith free till 9:00 AM (Ofer Levi)
73: raith reservation cancelled 9:00pm-5:00am (Edo Waks)
74: Announcement: tentative time line to replace the LEO SEM column. System offline June 6 to 10, 2005 (James Conway)
75: Comment raith SNF 2005-05-17 10:29:46: Users are restricted to no more than 25 kV. (James Conway)
76: Raith Reservation Removed from 6:00-10:00pm Today (arvind sundaramurthy)
77: Re: Raith free from 6:00-10:00pm Today (Ryan Tu)
78: My write is almost finished and system should be free for your use in the next half hour. (James Conway)
79: Raith is free from 1:00 AM till the morning, on Wed. Morning (Ofer Levi)
80: 'Take a Spin with Me' Ebeam resist handling training on the Headway Spinner. Monday May 23, 10 - 13:00 hours. (James Conway)
81: Announcement: Ph.D. Thesis Defense - Ali Javey -- Carbon Nanotube Electronics 9AM Monday 5-23-05 (James Conway)
82: won't make reservation (Ilya Fushman)
83: New Thread: Request for your data points for Microchem 5% 495K PMMA in Anisole. (James Conway)
84: Comment raith SNF 2005-05-20 16:34:38: Four new users on the system this week] (James Conway)
85: RAITH STATUS: 05-20-2005 16:36:23: Beam Unstable above 20 kV acceleration voltage... (James Conway)
86: raith free 11pm to 6am (Liang Xu)
87: Cancelling my raith session for this afternoon. (James Conway)
88: Re: Raith write (James Conway)
89: Announcement NO 2: Time line to replace the LEO SEM. System offline June 6 to 10, 2005 (James Conway)
90: removed res. jwc has it till the next user (Ilya Fushman)
91: Re: Problem raith SNF 2005-05-20 16:36:23: Beam Unstable above 20 kV acceleration voltage] (James Conway)
92: raith availible 12am-2am (Jien Cao)
93: won't be able to make time slot. (Ilya Fushman)
94: Problem RAITH SNF 2005-05-26 17:32:36: RAITH ALERT: Check your exposures for focus!! (James Conway)
95: Re: HOW to get help on the RAITH System during your session -- "Who are your gonna call" (James Conway)
96: Ebeam litho solvent bench is up -- ready for your use. Guidelines for Use. Please keep this area spot less! (James Conway)
97: Please remove your materials from the Ebeam lab pass thru -- this is not a storage area. (James Conway)
98: Column work delayed two weeks (Dick Crane)
99: res removed Fri. 9a-12p (Shu-Jen Han)