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00: oops! 2-7 THURSDAY free (LINDSAY)
01: raith free THIS morning 9.30-1.30 (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
02: Moved my Raith res from 7-10pm tonight to NOW (Mark Topinka)
03: Re: deleted reservation? RAITH schedule is open today from 1400 - 2200 hours( 2 - 10 PM) (James Conway)
04: README! Policy Change now in effect! (James Conway)
05: reservation removed tomorrow night (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
06: Raith slot 7am-10am free (Mark Allen Topinka)
07: Hitachi High Technologies Nanotechnology Seminar Invite!] (James Conway)
08: time slot open 4-8pm next Monday (Hung-Tao Chou)
09: saturday 10 am to 2:30 free (Kai-Mei Camilla Fu)
10: RAITH Free from 8pm to 12 am today (10/26/03) (Ji-Won Son)
11: Re: time slot open 4-8pm next Monday (James Conway)
12: Raith is up and ready for use. (James Conway)
13: Raith done early (Mark Allen Topinka)
14: raith free tomorrow night (tue) (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
15: PROXIMITY CORRECTION Paper for user review... (James Conway)
16: raith time open tomorrow (Friday) from 1-5 pm (Hung-Tao Chou)
17: Raith 12am-3am open 10/31 (now) (Mark Topinka)
18: raith free overnight (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
19: raith free Saturday night (Hatice Altug)
20: RAITH CORAL RESERVATIONS: Schedule filling up fast -- check your reservations. (James Conway)
21: res removed 1.30am-9am (tue) (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
22: free tonight from 2:00-7:30 (Kai-Mei Camilla Fu)
23: reservation removed tonight (Ali Javey)
24: Re: little latex spheres (James Conway)
25: RAITH UPDATE as of Friday November 14, 2003 1730 HOURS. PLEASE CHECK YOUR RESERVATIONS! (James Conway)
26: latex Sphere by the raith system... (James Conway)
27: RAITH: Sunday 10:00pm-7:00am free (Hatice Altug)
28: finished early (John Cumings)
29: Raith probably free from now on. (Hendrik Bluhm)
30: Time free from now to 2:30 (Hung-Tao Chou)
31: Problems cleared on RAITH CORAL... Note on CORAL RAITH Scheduling... (James Conway)
32: Both 2% 950K and 5% 495K Molecular weight PMMA are in stock at SNF. (James Conway)
33: Immediate: Please adjust your CORAL schedules to below 18 hours total. (James Conway)
34: Coral reservations times are available after scheduling changes by users... 1750 hours 11-18-2003 (James Conway)
35: Over reservation! (
36: Done early, Raith free now. (Hendrik Bluhm)
37: Finished early on the Raith... JWC (James Conway)
38: Please let me know if your raith need for Tues. Nov. 25 change. -- we are on waiting on standby. (James Conway)
39: IMPORTANT: Please read me (James Conway)
40: Opened 00:00-03:00 tonight !! (Hatice Altug)
41: Raith - may finish earlier (Chongfei Shen)
42: Raith free from 10:15pm (Chongfei Shen)
43: raith free now (Charis Quay Huei Li)
44: Time available 23:30 - rsvp (Hendrik Bluhm)
45: cancelled my reservation 10:00 - 12:00 tonight... (David Albert Fattal)
46: Re: cancelled my reservation 10:00 - 12:00 tonight... (Kai-Mei Camilla Fu)
47: done early (Silvia Luescher)
48: cancelled reservation Thursday morning (Silvia Luescher)
49: write will finish by 3:30 a.m. (Kai-Mei Camilla Fu)
50: saturday 00:00-08:00 free (Hatice Altug)
51: Sun 12:30-18:30 free (Hendrik Bluhm)
52: Today 1-3:30pm free (Guanxiong Li)
53: Job will be finished sooner than expected... (Ali Javey)
54: Raith is free until 6:30pm (Guanxiong Li)
55: Raith (probably) free 23:00 - 24:00 today (Hendrik Bluhm)
56: raith free monday night (Charis Quay Huei Li)
57: Re: raith free monday night (Ali Javey)
58: Mon 10am-1pm free (Mark Topinka)
59: New 2% and 5% PMMA stocked into Cleanroom cabinets today. (James Conway)
60: Raith free tonight 7pm-9pm. (Mark Allen Topinka)
61: Re: Raith free tonight 7pm-9pm. (Guanxiong Li)
62: Raith free tomorrow night (Hendrik Bluhm)
63: Re: Raith free tonight 7pm-9pm. (Mark Allen Topinka)
64: Raith free 9:30am-noon tomorrow (Guanxiong Li)
65: Re: Raith free tonight 7pm-9pm. (James Conway)
66: Re: Raith free tonight 7pm-9pm. (James Conway)
67: raith reservation cancelled TODAY 2:30-6:30 (Kai-Mei Camilla Fu)
68: RAITH reservation cancelled TODAY 6:30 pm - 11:30 pm (Dong-Woon Shin)
69: Raith opening (Mark Topinka)
70: done early (Charis Quay Huei Li)
71: done early (Hung-Tao Chou)
72: If you cancel your reservation please remove it from CORAL.... (James Conway)
73: Raith will be free earlier (Chongfei Shen)
74: Raith: starting an hour later (Mark Topinka)
75: Raith free now till 8pm (Chongfei Shen)
76: 6-8:30 free. (Lindsay Moore)
77: reservation tomorrow morning cancelled (Charis Quay Huei Li)
78: I may be finished early... estimate 8 PM. (James Conway)
79: No one is on the RAITH who is next? (James Conway)
80: time tonight 11:30pm cancelled (Charis Quay Huei Li)
81: Done early (Hemanth Jagannathan)
82: Raith will be free earlier (Chongfei Shen)
83: reservation removed tonight (from midnight) (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
84: Raith free from 1am to 7am (Hemanth Jagannathan)
85: Ebeam Lab Dry box will be emptied Friday Morning -- Please pick up your materials and store in safe place. (James Conway)
86: Raith free 3-4 pm today (Guanxiong Li)
87: Raith free now until 11:00am (Mark Allen Topinka)
88: raith free until 2:30 (LINDSAY)
89: raith free (John Cumings)
90: reservation removed 1 -4 am (Ali Javey)
91: RAITH STATUS -- January System Start up in progress. (James Conway)
92: REMINDER: EIPBN 2004 FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS -- Deadline Jan. 7, 2003. (James Conway)
93: Re: Comment raith 2004-01-07 10:46:51: WED corl reservations have been deleted] (James Conway)
94: RAITH 150 Start up status update 1730 hrs. WED. 1-7-2003 (James Conway)
95: Raith is up and in green light status. (James Conway)
96: res removed sunday night (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
97: Done early (Hendrik Bluhm)
98: loadlock error 4 (Charis Quay Huei Li)
99: Raith not in use (Hemanth Jagannathan)