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00: Space available in this weeks RAITH Basic Users Class. -- did you fall through the cracks? (James Conway)
01: Free till 9..finished early..(EOM) (Arka Majumdar)
02: Please return all raith off line SW dongle to me today! (James Conway)
03: Hummer Sputter coater now has a Pd Target installed in it. (James Conway)
04: RAITH system off line to Users Monday 10 - 5 PM for repairs to the load lock to main chamber High vacuum valve. (James Conway)
05: raith free 4:30-7 pm today (Georgi Diankov)
06: raith available now (Xinran Wang)
07: raith free tomorrow at 10 a.m. (Kelley Rivoire)
08: Re: raith free tomorrow at 10 a.m. (SangBum Kim)
09: Release from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (Donkoun Lee)
10: Re: Release from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (Dany Ly-Gagnon)
11: FAQ NO 6: HOW to get help on the RAITH System during your session -- "Who are your gonna call" (James Conway)
12: I do want my session running late (ToeCutter)
13: Released 9:30-14:00 Weds Sept 2nd (Gary Shambat)
14: RAITH free 5-6pm today (Edward Simon Barnard)
15: [Raith] Release from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM (Donkoun Lee)
16: time switch today at 2:30 (Yiyang Gong)
17: Raith release 1530 today (Xiangyu Chen)
18: Raith free now - 7:30 pm (Georgi Diankov)
19: Re: Raith free now - 7:30 pm (Dany Ly-Gagnon)
20: raith session swap at midnight (Kelley Rivoire)
21: Release from 23:00 to 04:00 AM on Saturday (Donkoun Lee)
22: raith free till 16:30 (Hailiang Wang)
23: RAITH free tuesday 7am to 9am (Dany Ly-Gagnon)
24: ZEP mask for reactive ion etching of oxide (Alex)
25: RAITH free now to 3:30AM (Arash Hazeghi)
26: Raith free now - 4 pm (Georgi Diankov)
27: raith free 9:30pm (fanpy839)
28: Re: raith free 9:30pm (Kelley Rivoire)
29: Release from 1:30 AM to 7:00 AM (Donkoun Lee)
30: raith free 5pm (fanpy839)
31: ZEP 520A (Donkoun Lee)
32: Raith free tomorrow 10am-1:30pm (Bryan Christopher Ellis)
33: Raith free tonight start from 20:00pm (Xiangyu Chen)
34: Re: Raith free tonight start from 20:00pm (Kelley Rivoire)
35: raith free till 1:30pm (Pengyu Fan)
36: raith free 6am monday (fanpy839)
37: Raith free 11 am - 1 pm (Georgi Diankov)
38: free fro 6.00 to 9.00 at night. other machine not working (eom) (Arka Majumdar)
39: Re: ZEP 520A (James Conway)
40: Raith free tonight from 9 to 11 PM (Krishna Coimbatore Balram)
41: raith free Tue 8:00-10:30 am (Ragip Pala)
42: raith free from 11:30-12:30 Am.... finished early (Krishna Coimbatore Balram)
43: RAITH free now-14:30 (Arash Hazeghi)
44: raith free 10:30am tmr (Pengyu Fan)
45: raith free 12am fri (fanpy839)
46: Re: out of ZEP (James Conway)
47: Re: PMMA thickness (James Conway)
48: Raith free Friday night 8:30 - 11 pm (Georgi Diankov)
49: Raith free tomorrow 1:00 to 3:00 PM (Krishna Coimbatore Balram)
50: release sunday 15:00-20:00pm (Xu Tian)
51: raith free 23:30 today (Pengyu Fan)
52: Latex spheres? (Pengyu Fan)
53: Re: Latex spheres? (James Conway)
54: low beam current (Arka Majumdar)
55: Free till 9--as current is low did not write (eom) (Arka Majumdar)
56: RAITH at Stanford OK (James Conway)
57: Raith free tomorrow 12:30-14:00 (Hailiang Wang)
58: Three Beams Conference June 1-4 2010 Anchorage Alaska USA -- EIPBN 2010 first call for papers (James Conway)
59: Startin g 15 minutes late (Arash Hazeghi)
60: RAITH free 21:30-22:00 tonight (Arash Hazeghi)
61: Hummer Jr. is now offline for a week or two due to a bad mechancial pump. Anyone know of another sputter coater available at SU? (James Conway)
62: raith free Friday 7-11am (Ragip Pala)
63: Raith free from 9-11:30 PM Tonight (Krishna Coimbatore Balram)
64: I am having error in Raith--dont know how to fix it--Iso re4leasing time from 7 to 9 (eom) (Arka Majumdar)
65: Raith no SEM (Ragip Pala)
66: Re: Poblem Resolved (Ragip Pala)
67: Raith free 5-7:30pm today (Edward Barnard)
68: Re: Problem raith SNF 2009-09-26 18:02:23: Digital pattern Generator cannot start -- soon to be a FAQ. (James Conway)
69: Need email alias setup changed or checked... (James Conway)
70: Hummer Jr Is Back on line (Ted Berg)
71: free from 9 to 10.30 (Arka Majumdar)
72: raith free 1-4:30pm tomorrow (Yao-Te Cheng)
73: Releasing reservation 12pm~3am tomorrow (Lark-Hoon Leem)
74: Raith free tomorrow, Friday Oct 2, 3:30-5:30 pm (Georgi Diankov)
75: raith free tonight 5:30-9:30 pm (Kelley Rivoire)
76: Raith free tomorrow 12:30-5pm (Edward Barnard)
77: raith free 10:30 am-12pm tomorrow (Kelley Rivoire)
78: Releasing 3pm-4pm (Dany Ly-Gagnon)
79: raith released 5-6pm (Hailiang Wang)
80: 5-6pm today taken. (Xiangyu Chen)
81: ANNOUNCEMENT: Raith Group XXXIX- Four Day Short Course for Basic RAITH 150 Users Tuesday to Friday October 20 - 23rd 2009 10 AM to 6 PM (James Conway)
82: Raith free Wednesday 10:30-13:00 (Liying Jiao)
83: raith free 12am tuesday (fanpy839)
84: raith free till 12am (fanpy839)
85: Raith Free tonight midnight-5am (Bryan Christopher Ellis)
86: Raith is available scheduled user did not show (ToeCutter)
87: Re: Raith is available scheduled user did not show (John Liu)
88: Raith free from 7-9:30 Pm (Krishna Coimbatore Balram)
89: Re: Raith free from 7-9:30 Pm (Arka Majumdar)
90: raith free tonight 23:30-1:30 (Hailiang Wang)
91: aith free tomorrow morning till 10.30---got an earlier slot (eom) (Arka Majumdar)
92: Raith free tomorrow morning 3am - 5am (eom) (Byoungil Lee)
93: Raith release today 3~6:30pm (Lark-Hoon Leem)
94: raith free 9:30pm (fanpy839)
95: Re: raith free 9:30pm (Byoungil Lee)
96: Release my session from 5:00 to 09:30 AM (Donkoun Lee)
97: Raith free 11:30am-2:30pm (Bryan Christopher Ellis)
98: free from 12 to 2 tomorrow---got a sudden important meeting(eom) (Arka Majumdar)
99: Re: free from 12 to 2 tomorrow---got a sudden important meeting(eom) (Dany Ly-Gagnon)