Messages 40xx

00: free from 7 to midnight on friday (Arka Majumdar)
01: free from midnight to 5 AM (Sonia Mary Buckley)
02: raith release 16:30 pm to 19:00 pm today (Takashi Kodama)
03: raith release from 14:00 to 16:30pm (Takashi Kodama)
04: raith free tomorrow 3:30-8:30 pm (Kelley Rivoire)
05: Raith free now finished early (Gary Shambat)
06: Raith free from 2:30pm to 7:30pm today (Li, Shifeng)
07: Free 9:30-11 sample not ready (Gary Shambat)
08: raith free now (Takashi Kodama)
09: raith free till 5:00pm finished early (Min-Kyo Seo)
10: Reservation for raith (Donkoun Lee)
11: The software crashed while I am writing..and the whole computer froze--so I had to restart the raith computer (Arka Majumdar)
12: Re: question (James W. Conway)
13: Re: Jack hammering on Via Pueblo .... (Arash Hazeghi)
14: Re: Jack hammering on Via Pueblo .... (ToeCutter)
15: Finished early (Donkoun Lee)
16: raith free from 12:30 to 14:00 today (Takashi Kodama)
17: raith free today from 10:00pm to 12:30 am (Min-Kyo Seo)
18: raith free today from 9:00pm to 12:00am (Min-Kyo Seo)
19: Raith free 9:30pm-1:30am (John Liu)
20: Shutdown the raith systemq (Donkoun Lee)
21: Y motor control speed setting changed in VBD (ToeCutter)
22: free till 9---finished early--it seems working fine-- (Arka Majumdar)
23: free 9am-11am thursday (Michal Bajcsy)
24: Raith free 11am-1pm (Bryan Christopher Ellis)
25: Three Beams --- EIPBN 2011 1st Call for Papers (James W. Conway)
26: Raith status (ToeCutter)
27: The raith is still pumping..and I could not find lev Markov--so I am releasing my time (Arka Majumdar)
28: Raith released 7AM to 1 PM tomorrow morning (Altamash Janjua)
29: Raith free now until 6 pm (Liying Jiao)
30: Raith free tomorrow 2-5pm (Kevin Chih-Yao Huang)
31: free till 8-30 finished early (Arka Majumdar)
32: Delay my process (Donkoun Lee)
33: raith free till 11:00 am (Takashi Kodama)
34: If anyone has USB dongle please return them to me asap (James W. Conway)
35: Finished early (ToeCutter)
36: Raith free now to 3 pm (Liying Jiao)
37: raith is free today 11am-2pm (Farzaneh Afshinmanesh)
38: Raith free till 2:30 PM (Krishna Coimbatore Balram)
39: Released 15:00-18:00, sample didn't work (Gary Shambat)
40: I will take the remainder of session till 18:00 (ToeCutter)
41: free from 7-30 to 9-30 today--will not need the whole time (Arka Majumdar)
42: raith release tomorrow 3:00 to 5:30 am (Takashi Kodama)
43: Raith is available 10:00 User did not show up.. (James W. Conway)
44: done early free till 2pm (Kevin Chih-Yao Huang)
45: raith free till 10:00 am (Takashi Kodama)
46: raith until 12:30pm (Yao-Te Cheng)
47: Raith free 10/9 7pm-12am (John Liu)
48: Raith free 10/09 3:30pm- 6:30pm (Farzaneh Afshinmanesh)
49: Raith free 11-2pm (Kevin Chih-Yao Huang)
50: Need help - robot arm error (Soogine Chong)
51: raith in "orange" mode (Soogine Chong)
52: robot arm issue fixed (Soogine Chong)
53: Raith free 1-2 pm today (Liying Jiao)
54: Question about the selectivity between ZEP520A (or 5% 950K PMMA) and KOH(30%) (Donkoun Lee)
55: raith release tomrrow 6:00 am to 8:00 am (Takashi Kodama)
56: Raith: Need help - robot arm error (Byoungil Lee)
57: raith free Thursday Oct.14 8PM-noon (Soogine Chong)
58: Raith free 10/14 9:00am- 11:00am (Farzaneh Afshinmanesh)
59: raith free 3-5p tomorrow (Yao-Te Cheng)
60: Re: raith free 3-5p tomorrow (Arash Hazeghi)
61: released 15:30-17:00: (Arash Hazeghi)
62: raith release from 8:00 am to 10:00 am (Takashi Kodama)
63: Done early free till 1:30pm (Kevin Chih-Yao Huang)
64: Relaease 12:00-2pm sunday (Xu Tian)
65: raith free till 8:00 am (Takashi Kodama)
66: [Raith] Switch my reservation (Donkoun Lee)
67: Re: [Raith] Switch my reservation (Li, Shifeng)
68: Re: [Raith] Switch my reservation (Donkoun Lee)
69: raith free Thursday Oct. 20 8PM-midnight (Soogine Chong)
70: Re: raith free Thursday Oct. 20 8PM-midnight (Arash Hazeghi)
71: Canceling my morning session tomorrow on RAITH 8:00 AM to 12:00 NOON (James W. Conway)
72: Re: Canceling my morning session tomorrow on RAITH 8:00 AM to 12:00 NOON (Yao-Te Cheng)
73: Raith free till 8pm (Kevin Chih-Yao Huang)
74: Re: Raith free till 8pm (Gary Shambat)
75: I will be using my session bit starting at 1:30 (ToeCutter)
76: Finished early ready for next user (ToeCutter)
77: Re: Finished early ready for next user (Min-Kyo Seo)
78: Shortening session on 10/22, before 9-14:00, now 11:30-14:00 (Gary Shambat)
79: Found notebook at Raith (Takuo Tanemura)
80: Re: Found notebook at Raith (Min-Kyo Seo)
81: Raith free sunday 7-30 to 10-30 in the evening (Arka Majumdar)
82: raith free monday 2-7 pm (Kelley Rivoire)
83: Re: raith free monday 2-7 pm (Donkoun Lee)
84: Field service to replace belt this afternoon (ToeCutter)
85: Re: Field service to replace belt this afternoon (Yao-Te Cheng)
86: System is up and available (ToeCutter)
87: raith free sunday 5:30-7:30pm (Michal Bajcsy)
88: raith free sunday 5:30-7:30pm (Michal Bajcsy)
89: raith free until 9:30pm (Yao-Te Cheng)
90: releases my raith reservation today (Li, Shifeng)
91: Raith free 6:00-7:00 pm today (Liying Jiao)
92: Raith free 11pm-2am (Kevin Chih-Yao Huang)
93: Start my session from 1:45 PM (Donkoun Lee)
94: Starting my session 30min late (Min-Kyo Seo)
95: Raith free tonight 7-9pm (John Liu)
96: raith free tomorrow from 20:00pm to 4:30pm (Min-Kyo Seo)
97: Release my reservation from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM (Donkoun Lee)
98: Raith free from 4:30 to 8:30 PM tomorrow (Krishna Coimbatore Balram)
99: Raith released 9-11 PM today (Takuo Tanemura)