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00: Release my reservation from 13:00 to 17:00 (Donkoun Lee)
01: Reservations and cancellations.... (James W. Conway)
02: raith finished ealier, unloading my sample just now (Takashi Kodama)
03: Finished ealier, free until 3 pm (Liying Jiao)
04: Raith released 10pm-midnight today (Emel Tasyurek)
05: raith free 2pm Monday (Pengyu Fan)
06: Release my reservation from 14:00 to 16:00 (2 hour) (Donkoun Lee)
07: raith free tomorrow (Tuesday Nov 2) 2-6PM (Soogine Chong)
08: raith free 9pm (Pengyu Fan)
09: Raith free from midnight (Krishna Coimbatore Balram)
10: Release my reservation 10:00 to 14:00 (Donkoun Lee)
11: Raith Free till 7am (Kevin Chih-Yao Huang)
12: raith free 8-10p (Yao-Te Cheng)
13: raith free 1-4am on Sat. (Byoungil Lee)
14: Announcement ION BEAM LITHOGRAPHY PRESENTATION by Dr. Lloyd Peto RAITH GmbH Tuesday November 9, 2010 09:30 AM NANOCENTER 143 (James W. Conway)
15: reservation partially released (Ragip Pala)
16: raith free 10pm tonight (Pengyu Fan)
17: Re: raith free 10pm tonight (Min-Kyo Seo)
18: Raith free tomorrow 8am to 10am (Francois Amet)
19: raith free 4-8am (Ragip Pala)
20: raith 4-5:30am released (Ragip Pala)
21: raith free till 1am (Pengyu Fan)
22: raith free now till 10:00 am (Takashi Kodama)
23: Re: raith free now till 10:00 am (Yao-Te Cheng)
24: the beam was not on (Li, Shifeng)
25: raith free at 11am (Francois Amet)
26: raith free till 10:00pm - finished early (Min-Kyo Seo)
27: raith free 10:30pm (Pengyu Fan)
28: Raith release 7pm to 11pm tonight (Xiangyu Chen)
29: Re: Raith release 7pm to 11pm tonight (Sonia Mary Buckley)
30: raith release from tomorrow 3:00 to 5:00 am (Takashi Kodama)
31: Re: Ph. D. Oral Defense: Yiyang Gong, Tuesday 11/16, 10:30am Nanoscience 232 (James W. Conway)
32: raith free 2-5pm Thursday (Yao-Te Cheng)
33: released 7:30-10:00AM (Arash Hazeghi)
34: Free now till 12:30, done early (Gary Shambat)
35: Finished ealier (Liying Jiao)
36: 5% 950K PMMA running out (Pengyu Fan)
37: Raith free from 10:30 PM to 1:30 AM (Krishna Coimbatore Balram)
38: Espacer is running out (Li, Shifeng)
39: Raith Free now until 1PM, finished early (Gary Shambat)
40: Raith free 12:00-2:30am (Kevin Chih-Yao Huang)
41: Raith free 12:00-2:30am (Kevin Chih-Yao Huang)
42: raith free until 1pm (Yao-Te Cheng)
43: [Raith] Release my reservation from 13:00 to 18:00 tomorrow (Donkoun Lee)
44: raith free till 8:00 am (Takashi Kodama)
45: I encountered some problem in Rairth Piezo hardware not connected. Also the SEM screen went blank (Arka Majumdar)
46: I unloaded my sample, and could not fix the problem. I am releasing my time---so raith is free till 1 (Arka Majumdar)
47: Released raith time tomorrow morning (Friday) 8 to 10.....not sure what is the problem in Raith--and do not want to mess it up more (Arka Majumdar)
48: raith free 8PM-midnight tomorrow (Sunday 11/28) (Soogine Chong)
49: Free 11/29 11-15:30 (Gary Shambat)
50: my session today (Li, Shifeng)
51: I want to take 3-30 to 5-30 today afternoon (the first half of lsf's cancelled session)...please let me know if this is OK..I cannot book time, as lsf cannot cancel the time (Arka Majumdar)
52: Re: Espacer is running out (James W. Conway)
53: raith free till 2:30 pm (Takashi Kodama)
54: free till 8-30 (Arka Majumdar)
55: READ ME: SNF Ebeam Lab Holiday SHUT DOWN and START UP plans for RAITH and SEM4160 system. (James W. Conway)
56: raith free 10AM-1PM tomorrow (12/1) (Soogine Chong)
57: Re: Annual Lab Cleanup: TWO WEEK NOTICE! (James W. Conway)
58: EIPBN Electron Ion Photon Beam Network OR THREE BEAMS 2011, to be held in LAS VEGAS, NV MAY31 - JUNE 3, 2011 2nd Call for Papers (James W. Conway)
59: We have finished and are ready for next User on RAITH 150 (James Conway)
60: raith free Fri (12/3) 7-10AM & Sun (12/5) 8PM-midnight (Soogine Chong)
62: Accepting recommendations for new RAITH Champions for 2011 onwards. (James W. Conway)
63: raith free 8AM-10AM today (12/3) (Hitoshi Ishiwata)
64: RAITH free until 10am (Dany Ly-Gagnon)
65: raith free 2-5p tomorrow (Yao-Te Cheng)
66: raith taken 2-5PM & free 7-10AM tomorrow (Soogine Chong)
67: raith is free now to 9:30pm (Li, Shifeng)
68: Out of espacer (Dany Ly-Gagnon)
69: Re: Out of espacer (James W. Conway)
70: Backup your data images and files before shutdown (ToeCutter)
71: raith released 7am-10am on Thursday and Friday (Hyung Dong Lee)
72: Raith released tonight 11:30pm to 1am (Matthias Baenninger)
73: Raith free tomorrow night 9pm (Xiangyu Chen)
74: RAITH free 7:30am-10am (Dany Ly-Gagnon)
75: free from 5 to 8 today afternoon--took the morning slot (Arka Majumdar)
76: raith free from 12:00 am (Min-Kyo Seo)
77: raith free 4:30-7:30 (Ragip Pala)
78: raith free tomorrow 5:30pm (Min-Kyo Seo)
79: RAITH free until 10am. (Dany Ly-Gagnon)
80: raith free 15-17 (Ragip Pala)
81: raith free 4am-6am tomorrow (Hyung Dong Lee)
82: raith free tomorrow 10AM-1PM (Soogine Chong)
83: Re: raith free tomorrow 10AM-1PM (Sonia Mary Buckley)
84: finshed early -- my QUARTZ is charging too much to image (James Conway)
85: Raith ready for next user (Xiangyu Chen)
86: Raith status 18:00 hours 01-05-2011 SYSTEM IS UP AND QUALIFIED (James W. Conway)
87: Will finish by 9PM (Gary Shambat)
88: raith free tonight (1/10) 10PM - 1AM (Soogine Chong)
89: Raith free tomorrow 11am to 2 pm..took a longer slot today (Arka Majumdar)
90: Re: Raith free tomorrow 11am to 2 pm..took a longer slot today (Hitoshi Ishiwata)
91: raith free Thur (1/13) 9PM-midnight (Soogine Chong)
92: ANNOUNCEMENT: Raith Group 45- Four Day Short Course for Basic RAITH 150 Users Tuesday to Friday January 18 - 21, 2011 10 AM to 6 PM (James W. Conway)
93: Raith free today 4pm to 6pm and 9pm to 11pm today (Hitoshi Ishiwata)
94: Starting at 11:00 (ToeCutter)
95: System stage issues resolved. I am finished early and users are free to start on system again. (James Conway)
96: raith free now until 1AM (Soogine Chong)
97: raith free tomorrow 10am-2pm (Kelley Rivoire)
98: Raith free till 2:30 AM (Krishna Coimbatore Balram)
99: Raith free until 7:30 pm (Georgi Diankov)