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00: raith free 3:30-7pm tomorrow (Zhiping Zhang)
01: Raith free 1AM - 6:30AM (Gary Shambat)
02: James will be 000 out today Monday July 30th (ToeCutter)
03: 14:30-19:00 released (Tara Bozorg-Grayeli)
04: Raith free now till 2pm today (Dianmin Lin)
05: Raith free till 8 AM (Krishna Coimbatore Balram)
06: Released 2PM to 5:30pm (Waqas Mustafeez)
07: Released 8.30am to 10.30am Friday (Liam O'Faolain)
08: Comment raith SNF 2012-08-03 15:06:04: t robot arm position errors were encountered (James W. Conway)
09: Re: E-beam lithography -- New THREAD Name Ebeam Lithography using Fixed Beam Moving Stage (FBMS) (James W. Conway)
10: Re: zep520a -- Has been stocked in the clean room refrigerator (James W. Conway)
11: Free tonight 5pm-8:30pm (EOM) (David Schoen)
12: Re: Abstracts are due 10 September | SPIE Advanced Lithography (James W. Conway)
13: free till 2--finished early (eom) (Arka Majumdar)
14: tomorrow 7:30am-10:30am released -- sample not ready (Michal Bajcsy)
15: Raith us up and the coral schedule resumes now (James W. Conway)
16: All Users are requested to reply to me with a list of your publications in journals for the last year September 1, 2011 to August 31, 2012 (James W. Conway)
17: Free till 2pm (David Schoen)
18: Raith free till 10 AM (Krishna Coimbatore Balram)
19: Raith available now till 1pm (Emel Tasyurek)
20: free from 2-30 to 4 pm today. Got an early slot (eom) (Arka Majumdar)
21: Free tomorrow 9:30-2PM (Gary Shambat)
22: Raith reservation released 9:30pm - midnight (Armand Rundquist)
23: free till 12-30 finished early (eom) (Arka Majumdar)
24: Raith free NOW to 6pm (Jan Petykiewicz)
25: James will be 000 today (ToeCutter)
26: free till 9..finished early (eom) (Arka Majumdar)
27: Raith free Thurs 9:30AM-2PM (Gary Shambat)
28: Users are requested to carefully inspect their pattern writes this week and let me know if you have any missing patterning elements (James W. Conway)
29: You can start early on the RAITH if you desire system is available. JWC (James W. Conway)
30: Raith available today 1:30-5pm (Emel Tasyurek)
31: Raith free 9pm today (Pengyu Fan)
32: Raith available 6-8:30pm today (Emel Tasyurek)
33: free till 11----the equipment at downstream is not qorking properly (Arka Majumdar)
34: Raith Free 11am-3pm today (Wenting ZHAO)
35: Finished early: 7pm-8pm released (eom) (Tara Bozorg-Grayeli)
36: Raith free from 7-9 AM (Krishna Coimbatore Balram)
37: Raith available now till 8:30pm (Emel Tasyurek)
38: Fatal Loadlock Error (Tara Bozorg-Grayeli)
39: Re: Fatal Loadlock Error (Tara Bozorg-Grayeli)
40: Raitth Free Tomorrow 11:30-5pm EOM (David Schoen)
41: Free Friday 10:30am-4pm (EOM) (David Schoen)
42: [Raith] Up & Thurs 6am-8:30am released (Jason Parker)
43: Raith free today 9:30pm-12am (Emel Tasyurek)
44: free from 2-30 to not need it..sorry for the late notice (Arka Majumdar)
45: Taken Re: free from 2-30 to not need it..sorry for the late notice (Jason Parker)
46: Raith free 8-10 AM. (Krishna Coimbatore Balram)
47: Raith free 2-4 pm today (Hitoshi Ishiwata)
48: Re: Raith free 2-4 pm today (Armand Rundquist)
49: raith released 3-5pm (Hitoshi Ishiwata)
50: ACTION REQUIRED: Please pick up and remove all your samples from the Ebeam Lab dry box and pass thru... (James W. Conway)
51: REMINDER: ZEP - 520 in anisole needs to be replaced into the refrigerator promptly after using this material. (James W. Conway)
52: Re: E-beam lithography on RAITH 150... (James W. Conway)
53: Re: Raith Micrograph Award (James W. Conway)
54: Raith free 10:30am-1pm today (Emel Tasyurek)
55: Raith free from 6-8 PM today (Krishna Coimbatore Balram)
56: Raith free now till 5pm (Emel Tasyurek)
57: releasing my reservation for SAT September 22, 2012 (James Conway)
58: Raith free now <eom> (Jan Petykiewicz)
59: reservation released this afternoon -- sample not ready (Michal Bajcsy)
60: Raith free 8:30pm - 11pm today (Zongfu Yu)
61: Re: Raith free 8:30pm - 11pm today (James W. Conway)
62: Raith free from now to 11am (Zongfu Yu)
63: Re: Raith free from now to 11am (James W. Conway)
64: Re: Data Clean Corp. contract has been signed and PO in place. -- Ebeam Lab access will be CLOSED from 12:00 AM until 7:00 AM SATURDAY morning. (James W. Conway)
65: Re: Arrival on Oct. 2 New Thread name ==> Help a visitor, Professor In-Hyouk Song from Texas State on the SEM nextTuesday? (James W. Conway)
66: Re: more MaN 2403 resist and MaD 525 developer? (James W. Conway)
67: Re: released monday 9:30am to 2:30PM (Waqas Mustafeez)
68: [Raith] Free Tue afternoon, 11am-3pm (Jason Parker)
69: Free Today 3-7pm (David Schoen)
70: free until 2:30pm (Michal Bajcsy)
71: free now til noon (Michal Bajcsy)
72: James will be 000 today Monday (ToeCutter)
73: Re: free now til noon (Pengyu Fan)
74: James will be 000 Tuesday oct 8 (ToeCutter)
75: Re: Shutdown raith SNF 2012-10-11 13:02:34: I/O trip --- acually traced to low liquid level in chiller -- system coming online for user about 4:30 - 5:00 PM. (James W. Conway)
76: raith available 2:30-6pm today (Emel Tasyurek)
77: ANNOUNCEMENT: Raith Group 53- Four Day Short Course for Basic RAITH 150 Users This Tuesday to Friday October 16 to 19th 10 AM to 6 PM (James W. Conway)
78: Raith is free from 7pm to 9pm today (Donguk Nam)
79: Raith is free from 7am to 9:30am Tuesday (Dianmin Lin)
80: Releasing my CORAL reservation for Friday October 26th, 2012 10 - 3 PM (James W. Conway)
81: Hard copies of the RAITH Nanosuite 6 Operations Procedures are available. (James W. Conway)
82: Raith is free from now to 9pm today (Dianmin Lin)
83: Today 4pm to 7:30pm available (Waqas Mustafeez)
84: Re: empty ZEP (James W. Conway)
85: Re: empty ZEP (James W. Conway)
86: Re: empty ZEP (James W. Conway)
87: Re: HSQ <<< Is there a better alternative for HSQ. (Threads on HSQ processing... ) (James W. Conway)
88: Please reply if you desire to use HSQ in your processing before the Holiday break... (James W. Conway)
89: Raith available tomorrow,Wed 10:30pm until Thursday 7:30am (Emel Tasyurek)
90: Re: [jeolusers] Please reply if you desire to use HSQ in your processing before the Holiday break... (James W. Conway)
91: Rest of reservation cancelled for tonight (Michal Jakub Mleczko)
92: cancel my reservation Friday 7pm (Zongfu Yu)
93: Raith available tomorrow 1-4pm (Emel Tasyurek)
94: Raih avaialble after 8 pm tonight. (Michal Jakub Mleczko)
95: Raith is free 4-7pm today (Dianmin Lin)
96: Oral Exam Announcement: Gary Shambat (Gary Shambat)
97: raith free after 3:00 am (Takashi Kodama)
98: Releasing time now, problems with beam (Gary Shambat)
99: system is up and available to Users... (James W. Conway)