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01: RAITH is UP and available for qualified users. (James Conway)
02: Any results on Raith? (Onur Kilic)
03: test (James Conway)
04: Sun. 3-5 res. open (Barden N. Shimbo)
05: RAITH is down through next week. (James Conway)
06: Process Control Monitors on Beamer... (James Conway)
07: RAITH UPDATE Friday Jan. 17, 2003 (James Conway)
08: RAITH UPDATE Jan. 27, 2003 11:31 AM (James Conway)
09: Need testers for a workaround method on RAITH (James Conway)
10: Beamtools Update Friday Jan 31, 2003 (James Conway)
11: Problem(Sigh....) with the Raith (arvind sundaramurthy)
12: Re: Problem(Sigh....) with the Raith (Mark Topinka)
13: Re: Problem(Sigh....) with the Raith (James Conway)
14: Re: Problem(Sigh....) with the Raith (James Conway)
15: Reservation Removed Tonight 5-12 (Yin Yuen)
16: Raith is free now (
17: reservation cancellled tomorrow morning. (Hendrik Bluhm)
18: reservation canceled this afternoon (Yves-Alain Peter)
19: Raith is free (
20: RAITH Off line through midnight SAT. (James Conway)
21: Raith reservation cancelled (Chongfei Shen)
22: Last call for slides and additions to NANO2003 presentation (James Conway)
23: Raith question (
24: Re: Raith question (Mark Topinka)
25: one more Raith question (
26: res canceled Monday morning (Yves-Alain Peter)
27: Raith is free for the rest of the day (
28: raith free from now (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
29: Canceled reservation tonight until 22:30 (Hendrik Bluhm)
30: Beamtools report for Tuesday April 2, 2003 (James Conway)
31: RAITH 150 is down for maintenance and service -- please read. (James Conway)
32: Interested in buying Raith software? (Charis Quay Huei Li)
33: Re: raith status... (James Conway)
34: Re: raith status... (Lindsay Moore)
35: RAITH 150: Passed initial test for stitching, more to follow... (James Conway)
36: raith free tomorrow afternoon (sunday) (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
37: RAITH still pumping down! (James Conway)
38: RAITH 150 Status and RAITH Group II TRAINING announcement (James Conway)
39: UPDATE: RAITH Group II A TRAINING DATE change announcement (James Conway)
40: Raith reservation cancelled for tomorrow morning (Chongfei Shen)
41: Raith (
42: REMINDER: Limits on RAITH reservations, please adjust your excessing reservation blocks... (James Conway)
43: Reservation cancelled for Friday after 7pm (Onur KILIC)
44: Raith is available 1800 till Midnight (James Conway)
45: Raith free tonite from 7pm on. Finished early . . . due to misbehaving Elphy (Yin Yuen)
46: Removed Revervation Tonight after 12 am (Ali Javey)
47: Raith reservation cancelled today (Chongfei Shen)
48: DOWN, for all you weekend users :( (Dan Grupp)
49: raith (LINDSAY)
50: RAITH 150 Is back up!! NO problems found!! (James Conway)
51: Beamtools report for Monday May 5, 2003 at Noon (James Conway)
52: Reservation Limits on Ebeam and RAITH: Please adjust your reservations today. (James Conway)
53: Please return the RAITH Users Class training disks... (James Conway)
54: Raith free today from 17:30 - 21:30 (Stefan Zappe)
55: raith free tonight until midnight (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
56: Raith free tomorrow from 1:30pm to 4pm (Guanxiong Li)
57: Beamtools report for Friday May 9, 2003 : Noon (James Conway)
58: help me please (Lindsay Moore)
59: Raith is free from now-7pm (
60: Re: Raith is free from now-7pm (Lindsay Moore)
61: reservation removed (Ali Javey)
62: Beamtools report for Monday May 12, 2003: 1818 hours (James Conway)
63: done early (
64: done, but can't get stage to work... (Dan Grupp)
65: raith free 7:30-9 (Lindsay Moore)
66: resrvation removed friday morning 5-9.30 am (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
67: reservation removed tonight after 12 am. (Ali Javey)
68: Dyslexic blanker. HELP! (Dan Grupp)
69: Raith res cancelled this afternoon (Chongfei Shen)
70: Raith res. cancelled between noon and 3pm (Onur KILIC)
71: Beamtools report for DAY:DATE (James Conway)
72: I will be away at Three Beams returning June 2, 2003 (James Conway)
73: 2pm to 4pm raith cancelled (Onur KILIC)
74: till 10pm raith cancelled (Onur KILIC)
75: raith free 2:30-6:30pm (Jien Cao)
76: Varying beam current... (charley)
77: Raith res cancelled this afternoon (Chongfei Shen)
78: Reservation Removed 12 - 5 am Thursday (Ali Javey)
79: removed resrvation today 9.30-11.30 (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
80: raith (Lindsay Moore)
81: Raith problem (
82: Re: Raith problem (Charis Quay Huei Li)
83: Re: Raith problem (
84: Raith free from now to 10pm (
85: Re: Raith free from now to 10pm (LINDSAY)
86: RAITH Daily report and announcement of extended downtime June 16 - 28, 2003 (James Conway)
87: Raith res partly cancelled (
88: Raith free (
89: reservation removed tomorrow (saturday) (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
90: Sunday reservation removed (Ali Javey)
91: sunday morning reservation removed (David Fattal)
92: HELP!!! (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
93: All reservations today cancelled (Charis Quay Huei Li)
94: note (Charis Quay Huei Li)
95: Re: note (David Fattal)
96: REMINDER: RAITH planned downtime for Laser Stage repairs June 17 - 27, 2003 (James Conway)
97: New RAITH User Logins, Please check your magnification display setting on LEO. (James Conway)
98: Raith finish early (
99: Please enter your EBL write information in the NEW RAITH 150 Operations Logbook. (James Conway)