Subject: ZEP-520A found in solvent cabinet this morning. Must be refrigerated!
From: James Conway <>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 11:18:49 -0800


I just found the ZEP-520A bottle in the PMMA tub in the Left Hand solvent

This material must be refrigerated!!! If it is left out for a significant
period of time it will gelate and no longer be useful in  your processing.
It cannot be suitably stored at room temperature.(RT)

This is also a very expensive engineering material costing more than
15.00/ml. This bottle is only a week old!

I am asking the User whom removed this from the refrigerator to please reply
back to and let me know when it was removed from the

It may simply be that someone removed it in the last hour to warm up to RT
before spinning -- but I could not locate you in the cleanroom.

Thank you,

James Conway