Subject: Raith update Tuesday at 5:05 PM -- JWC will be loading manually for all users wioshing to work overnight. Be there 5:30 PM in the Ebeam Lab to load your samples -- last call is 5:40 TODAY!
From: James Conway <>
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2008 17:15:49 -0700

Greetings RAITH Users:

Bern Steggeman is arriving from Germany
today and has scheduled to be here tomorrow evening starting at 6 PM to replace several parts on the Transfer arm stage including a new transfer arm loader belt.  I expected the parts today but did not receive them yet by FED-X.

Currently All Users are unable to complete the Load Lock Exchange procedure due to erratic measurements of the loader transfer arm positions.  The belt is worn and slipping due to manual joystick moves beyond the limits of travel which eats away at the belt as the gear jumps along the cogs.

This occurred during the last service call when we replaced the X-motor and the service people neglected to re-home and establish the proper positions for the exchange position and the transfer arm after they replaced the motor.  People are only human and late at night mistakes can happen.  I pointed out the unusual behavior of the t rod as the time of their visit but they could not effect a suitable repair.

Currently we are loading the system manually under my control to prevent further damage to components in the system.

So Then,  if you desire to do a write overnight you will need to be in the Ebeam Lab at 5:30 to place your sample on the standard sample holder and I will load it using manual routine for a Load Lock Exchange.
Don't be late or you will miss the bus!  5:45 I start pumping the system and will load samples on the holder for the night.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

Jesse Lu wrote:

James is working on bringing the Raith back up. If the remaining users with reservations on the machine today would be prepared to load their samples together at 1:30pm, they can share the ride.