Subject: Raoth Status Wednesday October 29, 2008 at 16:30 hours -- SYSTEM WILL REMAIN OFF LINE TO USERS OVERNIGHT
From: James Conway <>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:52:53 -0800

Good Afternoon RAITH Users,

The RAITH system will remain off line to Users through tomorrow afternoon while we continue to test power supplies and communications interfaces seeking the root of the current problem.

Multiple RAITH package sub-system and SW module errors were encountered during operations late yesterday and overnight which brought down the machine.  These errors are spurious and numerous during testing today.

I have completed testing of the Power Supply Unit (PSU) to the Stage Controller and to the push piezos that move the stage in sub-micron units as it complete its travel request with normal voltages and offsets found.  I have completed checks of the PCI-GPIB controller board (GPIB0) and IEE-488 devices configurations to all three devices controlled by IEEE buss and all seems to be working properly.

A number of IEE-488 errors were encountered in test of stage and piezo functionality and at times these devices and some software modules did not respond promptly to the SW request or allow access to these call functions.

There is a emerging suspicion that we have had a malevolent virus migrate onto the RAITH Computer system from an unknown source that is causing hangs of the communications between SW and Hardware devices controlled by the RAITH SW. (read: USB memory thumb drive transfer of files...)   This has been observed on other RAITH 150 systems at other sites recently and the troubles we encountered are similar to those experienced elsewhere, specifically to the LIStage control issues.

Users are requested to not access the system during this time as no operations can be performed on the tool.

In the morning I will attempt to locate a standalone CD based antiviral SW and updated definitions files so I can sweep the system.  Note this tool is not on any network connections at this time.
If any users have CD disk of Norton Anti virus and a copy of the current viri definitions this would be very useful to me.  Please drop it off on my desk or come by during tomorrows' office hour.

All Users are requested to Sweep the Thumb drives they have placed into the system in recent weeks and inform me if they encounter any virus on their drives.

Thank you for your understanding during this challenging period in the Ebeam Lab.

Tomorrow will be a better day,

James Conway