Subject: Re: raith status...
From: James Conway <>
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2003 16:36:00 -0700

Hello Lindsay and RAITH Users:

Yesterday the Image Acquisition board went down but I was able to get it back up and running this morning.  bad pin and a poor solder connection...

I am requalifying the system for users today evaluating minimum resolvable features printed and measuring stitching and overlay offsets tomorrow if I can get on the system.

LEO completed a full column PM and has replaced the aperture plate; which had become covered with Carbon residue reducing the brightness in the system.  In fact the 30 um aperture only passed ~30 % of the expected beam current.

I am expecting RAITH USA to arrive next Tuesday for testing Tuesday night through Thursday evening next week.  They had changed their plan to visit at the last minute yesterday to allow parts and tools to arrive from Dortmund, Germany.

Please stop by and see me if anyone has questions.
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Thank you,

James Conway
E-beam Technology Group

Lindsay Moore wrote:


it seems that i have been somehow removed from your email list about the
status of the raith ebeam system.  I will be using the system at least once
a week for the next several months and would therefore like to be in the
loop about the maintenance of the system.  do you anticipate that the
system will be up next week?  mark topinka mentioned to me that you had
told everyone that the system would be down for much of this week.