Subject: Re: Scheduling solutions?
From: "Hatice Altug" <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 16:27:12 -0800

Hi everybody,

I don't know how many of you like me but my patterns are very dense and very
big so takes a lot of time. I don't mind 10hours/7day rolling but in my case
for example it does not work 5hours one day and another 5hours anothers day
(or 4+6...), it requires 7-8hours per one writing and for 8 hours writing as
an example I have to fight to reserve for 16 half an hour time slots which
is getting extremely difficults this quarter.

Can we also make some regulations for users like me?

My suggestion is: when someone starts reserving time, he/she can sent e-mail
to users and can say I need this much of time so that peole don't cut his
time. After he is done the next user can start to reserve by again saying
how much time he will reserve. It might result a lot of e-mail in the inbox,
but it might also save time as many of us contantly checking coral for half
an hour fight.


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Subject: Re: Scheduling solutions?

> I would also like to second Mark's suggestion of 10 hours/7 day rolling
> period.  I realize that it will hurt the heaviest users, including myself
> sometimes, but it seems like a fair idea that should help everyone.
> -Scott