Subject: James at EIPBN this week
From: ToeCutter <>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 09:49:45 -1000

Good Morning
This is just to update users that I will not be at SNF this week while  
attending the EIPBN conference, also know as Three Beams. I will  
return to SNF next Monday.

Office hours this week will be held Wed. Thursday and Friday from 9:30  
till 10 AM and you can reach me by phone at 415-412-4825 or by email  

If you need assistance on the tool, note that I am three hours behind  
you in time, and will be in session most days. Will return your call  
as soon as possible, so please leave email or SMS.

  You may also contact any Raith Champion here at Stanford or Raith  
Application specialist at 641-738-9500 in NY State.
Check the note: 'Whom are you going to call', posted by the Raith or  
in email archives for the Raith.

All the Best,