Subject: Re: PLEASE READ: New Raith Reservation Policy Semi-Final Proposal Going Into Effect 2/10/2004
From: Mark Topinka <>
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2004 16:38:13 -0800

Thanks to Guanxiong for the question, and thanks to Scott for the 
answer.  I just wanted to follow up Scott's excellent explanation with what 
is perhaps a clearer statement of the "reservation cap" - it's hard to 
anticipate all the questions and issues that are going to come up, but 
we're all doing our best here to come up with a policy that is simple and 
clear and which the whole community can work with and hopefully be happy 
with.  The goal of the policy is to make sure that all users get a fair 
chance to use the Raith, while making sure at the same time that the Raith 
never sits idle simply because an inefficient/broken reservation policy.

The basic proposed policy is this: you may have up to a TOTAL of 8 hours 
reserved (in as many separate blocks as you want) at any given time on 
coral.  The one exception we agreed to make to this rule for users who need 
longer single-write times: IF you are willing to have ONLY ONE reservation 
at a time on coral, you may make that reservation for up to 10 hours.
Stated again in hopefully clear terms:
~ users who want to have 2 or more future reservations on coral: never more 
than 8 TOTAL HOURS of coral reservations in the coming 2 weeks
~ users who are willing to have only 1 future reservation on coral: never 
more than one (and only one) 10 HOUR reservation in the coming 2 weeks.
a key thing to remember is that the "2 week" window is always moving, 
counting from the current time, NOT from Sunday or Monday or some fixed day 
of the week.

this policy is open to discussion and tweaking/improving and changing, of 
course, but first of all, does everybody understand the proposed 
reservation policy?  -Mark

At 03:08 PM 2/7/2004 -0800, Scott D. Andrews wrote:
>Hi Guanxiong,
>You are right that each of the two separate 5 hour reservations must be
>made at separate times and in theory are allowed, but only if you have
>competed the first before making the second one.
>For example, if on Sunday I make a 5 hour reservation for Monday and then
>another 5 hour reservation for Wednesday, my total future time is 10
>hours, which exceeds the total allowed reservation limit (8 hours combined
>for two or more sessions).  However, if on Sunday I make a 5 hour
>reservation for Monday and complete it before making another 5 hour
>reservation for Wednesday, then this is fine.  In both instances, the
>actual time used is identical.  However, in the first instance, there is a
>point in time, on Sunday, where I have reserved the Raith for more than 8
>future hours.  However, in the second case, on Sunday I have reserved 5
>future hours, and on Tuesday I have also only 5 future hours.  At no time
>have do I have more than 8 hours of reserved time pending.  Does this help
>clarify?  If not, please write the list again until we all have the same
>understanding of the new policy.