Subject: RAITH Status as of 17:15 hours Thursday February 26, 2004 -- System down...
From: James Conway <>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 17:25:57 -0800

Hello Raith Users:


Despite a best effort by all parties involved we were unable to return 
the system to operational status and we remain down for users access for 
E-beam Lithography.

The gun emission is more stable than before and we have been able to 
ramp up to 30 keV repeatedly.
We are now conditioning the tip and allowing gun vacuum levels to come 
down by running in the tip at 20 keV.  2.4 E -9 Torr.

The imaging resolution is very poor at this point but will improve with 
time (hours to day)

The E/O board that was received yesterday is not compatible with our 
platform (LEO 1530 uniplinth) so we are still down for magnification 
level three (~15 KX and higher.)  LEO is trying their best to locate a 
suitable E/O board to replace ours and get us up and running ASAP.

The raith computer is available for users whom wish to use it to prepare 
designs or position list.  Please no commands over the REMCON serial 

If you access the system:

Leave the gun at EHT ON. It will not ramp down at logout.  KEEP THE BEAM 
Be sure to unblank the beam if you start your user session and your 
profile loads and blanks the beam. (normal default for most logins.)

Thank you for your support!

James Conway