Subject: Re: Raith problem
From: Ryan Huain Tu <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 23:20:11 -0700

I will be cancelling my morning session tomorrow b/c Hitachi is down and I
need both machines.  It seems though, that there is a "fix" to this Zoom Y


Quoting Luigi Scaccabarozzi <>:

> Hi all,
> ryan and I have found problems today in WF alignment. The error is
> "Zoom(Y) exceeds limit". I tried resetting and shutting down computers
> and
> Elphy, but no way. I tried WF align at WD 4.6 to 10 mm and the numbers
> of
> WF correction are the same. It looks like that the Elphy is stuck on
> those
> numbers (zoom X=1.49, zoom Y=1.52).
> I talked to James, and he says to try again tomorrow morning (Ryan is
> next user) after leaving the Elphy OFF for ~20 min (which I just did).
> If it still does not work, tomorrow morning we can call him and/or
> Raith.
> If people from Raith have any idea or suggestion are welcome otherwise
> James plan is to have another Elphy shipped here tomorrow.
> One more thing. I noticed that the option on LEO Tools-> Preferences->
> SEM condition-> device was set to current device instead of POlaroid
> 545.
> No idea how that could have been switched but check your account. If
> polaroid is not selected, Align writefiled will definitely not work.
> If you have the wrong option, select polaroid, click apply and reboot
> both
> systems.
> Any help welcome
> Thanks
> Gigi