Subject: Finished early and DWSHIN cancelled system available for your use. Today's RAITH System Status...
From: James Conway <>
Date: Mon, 09 May 2005 16:44:49 -0700


I wrote a series of PCM test patterns at 10 kv 30 um aperture.
Pattern writes look good at 1000X optical mag and all the dose profiles appear normal. Stitching is within specifications. (better than mean + 3 sigma spec at 30 nm)  The dot shots appear larger due to the higher Beam I since the last PM.
Extraction emission is stable at 10 kV through a four hour period. Delta EHT Off to ON is 32%.

Next test will be done at 20 and 25 kV.

User's are limited to 20 kV until further test are made. Call me if you have problems.

Thank you for your support!