Subject: Re: Loadlock Error 4
From: Sora Kim <>
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 13:51:08 -0800

I solved the problem!

I really appreciate all of you who helped me a lot!!

Don't press 'cancel' when you have a pumping problem. It will cause a
loadlock error.


Quoting Sora Kim <>:

> Dear all,
> I got a loadlock error 4 right now. I was trying to contact everybody
> that I
> know to solve the problem. But, I could not.
> James is in a situation hard to be contacted right now. But, fortunately,
> he
> gave me a password for administrator login.
> Is there anybody who knows how to solve this problem? Please call me at
> 650-996-2679 or email me, if you know, as soon as possible. It will be
> very
> much appreciated.
> I feel very sorry for other users especially who made reservations after
> me.
> Sora