Subject: Please be careful with making your CORAL reservations. Please utilize the times you reserve the system for.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 16:15:33 -0700

Greetings Raith Users:

We  now have a large number of users on the RAITH 150 system and we are also entering our very busy period of the term.  Some users have not been able to gain access to the system and have complained when you cancel, or do not show up for, your scheduled session.

All Users are requested to be careful and considerate with regards to their reservations made, and honoring these commitments, for access on the Raith 150. Recently there have been a rash of session cancellations, often in the overnight hours, as well as a number of NO SHOW's for their reservations.
 It is requested that all changes and cancellations on the system be also announced on this email list.  Everything needs to be above board and in plain view...

The NO Shows and some cancellations with little or no notice has caused much confusion and chaos in the Lab.
You DO NOT have to call me during the evening and early AM hours if no one shows up to their session. Just enable and get on with your work.
 I had several calls overnight last weekend on this issue specifically.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

Note the following partial excerpt of Raith Reservation Policies:

3. Beginning your writing session -- the '16 minute Rule' applies:
If at 'minute     16' of your reservation slot, if you have neither shown
up to start your session, nor marked the system with a note saying you
are coming, nor communicated with the last user on the system and
posted to the raith mailing list; you lose your entire reservation. It
is only upon the courtesy of the user available to come onto the
system, once he has enabled on CORAL for the session, as to either to
return the system to you within your lost reservation time or not.

4. Cancellations:
Cancellations and trade off in RAITH sessions should be posted to the
Raith mailing list for all to view as soon as possible once you realize
that you will not be able to make use of your reservation. It is
expected of Users that cancellations be done at least 24 hours before
your reserved session to allow other lab members to make use of the
opening. You must post a reason for your cancellation, particularly
if it was due to a system or machine dependence from within the lab
not allowing you to get your work finished.

5. If there is no one on the system and no reservation on CORAL, the
system is available to you for your use.
This does not affect your reservation limits on the Coral schedule
and there is no need to make a reservation on Coral for this session.