Subject: RAITH UPDATE: EHT Problems, Planned Downtime schedule, Back up your LEO files notice.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2003 12:04:12 -0700

Greetings Raith Users:

Ebeam Lab Pass Thru Storage Notice:
Everyone is requested to remove all wafers from the Ebeam Lab Dry box that is not IN-PROCESS in the Ebeam Lab. This area is not to be used for your engineering materials storage.  The box is NOT N2 purged and is likely neither very clean nor dry.  Next week all materials not identified to a ebeam user and as IN-PROCESS will be removed.

System Status:   RAITH 150 is up and available for users.
The system schedule is nearly full, see James Conway if you are having problems making a reservation on CORAL.

EHT Power Supply Problem:
Their currently exist a problem in the LEO EHT power supply that has been causing a number of problems with stitching and consistency of area/line/shot doses, in addition to disabling the LEO detector configurations.
 This was previously been thought to be arcing in the FE-gun area,  but now has been sourced to the EHT Power supply.
LEO has been slow to respond to the request to replace this unit and we have been waiting over thirty days thus far.

RAITH 150 Planned Downtime for Maintenance and Service:
Next week we will be down completely from 10 AM Monday until  Noon Wednesday August 13, 2003.

We will be installing three new piezo leveling post replacing those removed from the system a month ago, and requalifying the system. These have been qualified by RAITH  in Dortmund, DE and will resolve all stage leveling issues.  Concurrently we will be performing normal system maintenance on both the LEO computer and RAITH systems.

Next week, concurrent with the service downtime, we will be installing a new operating system on the LEO computer and this may require removing all old system files, logins, and images from the old hard drive.  We will establish a new login for you on your next access.  You must do this yourself.  Users are also asked to delete all old files from the drives.

BTW:  There is a remote possibility that there may be some nighttime access to the RAITH 150 during our testing Tuesday August 12 afternoon and possibly overnight.  Please see James Conway should you desire to be on Standby.

Thank you for your interest in E-beam Lithography and SEM at SNF!

James Conway
E-beam Technology Group, Stanford Nanofabrication Facility