Subject: RAITH STATUS 1 PM Thursday
From: James Conway <>
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 12:54:59 -0700

Hello Raith Users,

We have limited functionality on the tool while I troubleshoot and attempt
to resolve a few final issues related to the EEMBCURRENT.dll module which
gives us the Picoammeter dialog and measurement box on the system.

Currently I have the platform running within the administrator login on teh
RAOTH computer and hope to be able to resolve why I don't have all the
modules  working when logged into the WIN NT 2000 Operating system using
the 'normal' user login.

I hope to have these issues resolved this afternoon.

System is in 'yellow light mode' and ALL Users should be reading the system
messages on the maintenance page on CORAL for the RAITH system to learn of
restrictions on operations during this period.

One Additional Note:  EHT trip was encountered early this morning.
The user had tried to run the system at 15 keV and they tripped the EHT off
during their session.

Current Restriction in place since last week:
Acceleration Voltage IS NOT TO exceed 10 keV.

All samples must be pre-baked just before they are loaded into the system at
temperatures > 90 degrees C for 2 minutes.  This will also make it much
easier to generate contaminations dots to aid you in proper focus and

All the best,

James Conway