Subject: Re: "Raith Cam"
From: John Shott <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 08:57:17 -0800

James, Ilya, et al:

While I won't comment on VPN or other control options, if you're looking 
for a really great camera for this purpose, I'd suggest something like 
the Sony -RZ30N.  That's an network addressable camera that can be 
controlled (pan/tilt/zoom) from a web site.

A link to specs for it is at:

It says that list price is $1865 ... but street price is more like 

Mike Deal has one of these in his office (maybe not this exact model, 
but something very close to it) and knows a whole lot more about it than 
I.  However, it's controllable from the web (pan/tilt/zoom), has a 
network connection that plugs directly into a RJ-45 network jack, and 
has 25X optical zoom.  My guess is that with proper positioning, you 
could see any number of interest ... unless someone was standing in the way.

For your consideration,