Subject: Immediate: Please adjust your CORAL schedules to below 18 hours total.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 16:53:32 -0800

Greetings silival, dwang, and diouf:

Immediately, please reduce your CORAL reservations to less than 18 hours total for week period tuesday to tuesday.
I do not wish to play policeman and will not; rather I will just take off excessive reservations when I arrive tomorrow morning.

There are now 3 persons waiting for time or cancellations to come onto the schedule to allow them to gain access on the system for their work: i.e.,   dfattal, cshen, and altug

Thank you,

James Conway

From my announcement Friday at 1730:

The system schedule is full for the entire week ending November 21...

ALL USERS are requested to examine their reservations and adjust both to the actual time they expect to utilize the system and
stay within the reservations limits on this system.

The CORAL reservation limits, but not system utilization, are 12 hours prime
time (6 AM - 6 PM) and not to exceed 18 hours during any seven day period.

All Users are asked to help assist system throughput and increase utilization by contacting the next user and report to the raith
list if they are finished early, cannot use their reservation, or encounter problems on the system.

Please see James Conway if you are having problems making a reservation on CORAL. I am currently keeping a standby list of
those whom cannot make a reservation or had problems during their session and wish to fill and open slot.