Subject: Re: Scheduling solutions?
From: John Cumings <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 21:04:26 -0800


Short attention span? 2 old ideas, 1 new idea.

Old idea 1:
I agree with reducing the time allocation for all users.  This should free
up time towards the end of the week.  I think 6 hrs prime time/10
hrs. total would help a lot.  It is even possible that with this, there
will be 8-10 hr time slots towards the end of the week, accommodating the
long-session people among us.  I don't think people should be allowed more
than 10 hrs. for a single write as a policy.  Maybe once every couple
months for a major project, but even then only at James' discretion.
Those who do need 10 hr. sessions should only get them one-at-a-time.
I know this stings, but it should.

Old idea 2:
I also like implementing the "James does reservations" policy as a
contingency: for when the Coral schedule truly is full.  In the ideal
case, this shouldn't happen very often.  This stings James, but again, it
should: if the schedule is full, he's been doing a bad job at setting
policy. (No offense intended James - I don't think you're doing a bad
job.  We're all learning here...)

New idea:
I also had the idea of having a whole day open up at one time on Coral for
new reservations, rather than opening up sessions 1/2hr by 1/2hr.  This
prevents the annoying 1/2hr-by-1/2hr reservation game.  If this is
implemented, I think the cusp should by 5AM, and the opening time should
be 12 noon.  This should make those who need 10 hr sessions happy,
especially if they are good at clicking a mouse fast ;)

Just a few more cents...


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