Subject: Re: Scheduling solutions?: Diverge this thread:: Needs of long write time users.
From: Lindsay Moore <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 14:22:54 -0800

I also like the idea of emailing the group to ensure that you can get your 
intended time slot.  If you can get 1/2 hr reserved as the indicator of the 
beginning of your time, and then email everyone to  let them know that you 
intend to reserve 6 hrs but that you don't intend to sit at your computer 
for the next 6 consecutive hrs I think that the reservation process would 
be much less time consuming and annoying.  The current game where people 
will reserve a 1/2 hr when there is clearly someone trying to make a full 
reservation, or the ongoing battles of alternate half hours (you know who 
you are) are a childish waste of everyone's time.  I am not a huge fan of 
getting 7-10 emails per day notifying me of everyone's raith plans, but if 
it is the only alternative to our current situation, i don't see much of a 


At 02:12 PM 1/27/2004 -0800, James Conway wrote:
>Hello Hatice,
>I understand your needs for extended writing sessions on your project.
>The email lobbying idea would work -- but only if all users share the 
>limited resource fairly.  Unfortunately human instinct and their inherent 
>psyche reverts to hoarding behaviors in times of limited resources being 
>available to a large group.  This is apparent if you examine the users on 
>the system versus those desiring to secure reservations and access on the 
>system. To be blunt: The more aggressive users may in fact get all the 
>Query for ALL:  Would users whom needed longer sessions be willing to lump 
>two weeks work of access into one writing session?  That in effect would 
>give you possibly up to a 5 -20 hour writing session if you needed it. 
>(This is dependent on the final limits we will establish  in our Ebeam 
>Town Meeting.)
>Comments invited -- reply to
>James Conway
>Hatice Altug wrote:
>>Hi everybody,
>>I don't know how many of you like me but my patterns are very dense and very
>>big so takes a lot of time. I don't mind 10hours/7day rolling but in my case
>>for example it does not work 5hours one day and another 5hours anothers day
>>(or 4+6...), it requires 7-8hours per one writing and for 8 hours writing as
>>an example I have to fight to reserve for 16 half an hour time slots which
>>is getting extremely difficults this quarter.
>>Can we also make some regulations for users like me?
>>My suggestion is: when someone starts reserving time, he/she can sent e-mail
>>to users and can say I need this much of time so that peole don't cut his
>>time. After he is done the next user can start to reserve by again saying
>>how much time he will reserve. It might result a lot of e-mail in the inbox,
>>but it might also save time as many of us contantly checking coral for half
>>an hour fight.
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>>Subject: Re: Scheduling solutions?
>>>I would also like to second Mark's suggestion of 10 hours/7 day rolling
>>>period.  I realize that it will hurt the heaviest users, including myself
>>>sometimes, but it seems like a fair idea that should help everyone.