Subject: RAITH STATUS 03032004:19:45.00 SYSTEM Coming up tomorrow evening
From: James Conway <>
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 18:25:22 -0800


We are still running in and conditioning the FE-GUN,  performing 
alignments and adjustments to the three magnification level amplifiers, 
establishing the default aperture positions, and finally the stigmation 
section alignments with LEO Field service.
We checked out the E/O board and EHT power supplies and feel confident 
these sections are working properly.  The ELPHY plus and image 
acquisition has been tested and appears just fine.

I had hoped to complete qualifications of the system this afternoon, and 
bring on escorted users for test writes this evening.  To ensure we do 
not run into further problems with the FE-Gun we will wait until 
tomorrow to complete these task; while allowing the system to run in as 
vacuum  return to below 9 E-010 Torr level.

It will likely be at least a day or two until we can test and run the 
system at higher acceleration voltages.  I will need some time to test 
the system at 20 and 30 KeV when we have suitable vacuum and emission 
has stabilized.  In fact, it may be prudent to operate the system at 10 
keV for as long as a week.  (Your comments are invited, particularly on 
the impact that this decision may have on your work.)

All in all the entire picture is looking better than we were a week ago. 
We have another brand new FE-Gun tip and the bake out took us down to 
3.4 E -010 Torr level before we started running the gun up.

I have a cue of people whom are on standby and 'ready to go' as the 
system goes up and they will run in this order:

JWC:  Qualification for resolution, line width, and stitching.
Arvind S.
Acremann -- stohr group team

We hope to resume the CORAL schedule with Cvenky session at 1800 hours 
tomorrow -- Thursday.
NO operations above 10 keV are allowed until I have completed testing at 
elevated acceleration voltages.  Likely I will be checking the this out 
at 20 keV with jwson session Friday 0900. Users will be escorted on the 
system through the day Friday.  Please adjust your schedules accordingly.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway