Subject: RAITH SHUTDOWN for the weekend. RAITH Field service has been requested.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 20:00:26 -0800

Good Evening RAITH Users:

RAITH will continue in SHUTDOWN mode for the weekend.  NO access -- No use on the LEO side.

Raith Field service was requested with highest priority.

LEO Field Service was not able to calibrate the E/O board they provided and did not have suitable procedures to correct scanning angle correction and orthogonality problems required to obtain a suitable measurement calibration.  They left at  2 PM and left me hanging...

I did my best and have worked very hard this week to bring this system back up.  I don't have enough information to complete the calibrations on the E/O board on my own with out the LEO service manuals.  Raith has done their very best also, to get me several procedures that should have resolved this problem.  There may be a chance of a subtle problem with the E/O card.

 This evening I attempted to get through the qualification procedures but was not able to complete the Align Write Field procedures.[ ELPHY sweep sum errors result in 'V' due to the bad magnification calibration values. ]

The beam blanking/image drifting issues have been resolved.  The beam is stable and bright, over the weekend the gun will reach optimal emission current. I am continuing to run in the gun which is now at 10 keV.  I have the idling at 10 keV in spot mode to evaluate beam drift.

LEO and I will return to the task Monday.  I need to rest this weekend it was a 60+ hour week for me this and last week.
I am sorry we could not get the system back up for your use.

Your work is important to me.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway