Subject: Raith Status 2004-04-09 17:28:45: intermittant IEE-488 communications continue but have a workaround.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 17:43:00 -0700


Just placed the system into Yellow light mode....for the weekend. The 
schedule is open! Please be careful and observe the load and unload 

I made adjustments to the GPIB polling time and repeat status to GPIB 
device (0) i.e., stage X and Y and possibly laser to coder switching section
Now seems OK after 3 test of load and unload.
Test writes appeared OK as well.

If IEE-488 error encountered use this workaround:
Open Module status panel
Highlight ICE Motor control:  Press reset module...
Highlight Virtual Motor control: Press reset module ...
Press OK, and continue with your unload by pressing retry or continue, 

I also completed adjustments to the gun alignment and aperture settings 
and saved to the standard files for the system.  You can accept these 
values for ~5.001 mm when prompted and you should be good to go.
The only aperture out of specification is the 7.5 um aperture which 
exhibits decided shift when the focus is adjusted despite the gun and 
aperture being adjusted.  Near the maximum range for this aperture.  LEO
will come in next week to realign this and check out the system again -- 

Whew what a week.

Happy Easter!