Subject: Re: Raith chuck position
From: James Conway <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2004 18:41:58 -0700


Just to clarify this issue and as a general guideline:

If the next User is soon to come onto the system, say within the next 60 
minutes, leave the std. sample holder for the RAITH 150 in the Load 
Lock.  However if the next user is not to come into the lab within 60 
minutes -- load the std. sample holder back into the system so it stays 
under vacuum and is less likely for the aluminum surface to become 
contaminated and oxidized.
Be sure to stay enabled until after the vent signal to the solenoid 
occurs -- otherwise you will trip the now infamous Load Lock Error No. 6.

PLEASE: Always handle this sample holder with latex gloves and use 
teflon tweezers to reduce scratches on the surface.
It can be cleaned and wiped with a lint free wiper with several drops of 
methanol added.  Never spray onto the holder with the squeeze bottle!

Thank you,


Scott D. Andrews wrote:

>I just want to confirm with everyone that the community decided to leave
>the chuck in the load lock at the end of user writes.  If this is not the
>case, please let me know.  When I arrived this morning I found the chuck
>inside the machine, which took me precious time to unload.  I just want to
>make sure that leaving the chuck unloaded was one of the new policies
>meant to reduce needed machine time.