Subject: [Fwd: Re: Raith Problem -- went way...]
From: James Conway <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 18:02:57 -0700

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Subject: Re: Raith Problem -- went way...
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 18:02:30 -0700
From: James Conway <>
Organization: Stanford Nanofabrication Facility - Stanford University
To: arvind sundaramurthy <>
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Thank you for letting my Job write into the early morning... it was a long write!

Re: Raith Problem :

I came onto the system at 10 AM and was working with Peter Catrysee. Once we cycled between emission and normal mode on the LEO all was found to be OK.
My guess is that if you reset the LEO computer all would have returned to normal. Every so often we see the LEO not reading some module sections in the LEO column control SW.  REBOOTing the LEO PC seems to correct these types of errors.

Users are reminded to report all errors and troubles encountered to CORAL.

arvind sundaramurthy wrote:
Hi James,
I tried doing a write tonight (2:00am, Wed) and couldn't get a decent  image to do anything. I couldn't get an image of the wafer edge and when I tried doing a gun align in the emission mode, I saw nothing. I set the WD to z=20mm on the raith side.
I unloaded your sample into the wafer box near the chamber. The wafer you wrote yesterday is right at the end of the box, in the slot closest to the point pn  the label that says "std 5%...".