Subject: Re2: 'calculate time error'
From: James Conway <>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 11:45:55 -0800

My guess is you ran into a streaming file output error where it had 
difficulty writing the file from memory to disk.  The file simply became 
corrupted on the write.  You may be able to locate your backup file :: 
filename.BAK in the same directory you started editing from.

There is a means to 'merge pattern elements' on the RAITH editor you can 
employ.  I use this to eliminate the 10 and 20 nm gap that often show up 
in arrayed boxes that I wish to merge together as one.

Highlight the structure in GDSII database then top menu [tools] + [merge 
elements] then select a distance by which all neighboring pattern 
elements are merged together in the pop up dialog box.

Hoping this information will help everyone.


Charis Quay Huei Li wrote:

>James, thanks for the tips. I made my pattern entirely with the Raith
>software. Learned my lesson re: L-Edit already. :-P I guess the only
>possibility I can think of is that I used 'overlaps out' and maybe the
>software created problems then but didn't flag them. Oh well. Charis.