Subject: starting a half hour late I do want my session 10 - 2 PM.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2008 10:12:45 -0800

Greeting Raith Users:

The Raith is up and available to all qualified Users. 
Users are instructed not to exceed 10 keV acceleration voltage until the emission increases to specifications and the gun section vacuum reached mid E-010 Torr level.
All samples going into the system should be soft baked just before loading into the load lock.  All normal precautions and restrictions on materials going into the system remain in place.

I have a 10 - 2 PM session which I will be starting at 10:30 as I still need to complete an microscope inspection before loading.

Users seeking RAITH version 4 application assistance for their projects should see me during my office hour to schedule an upcoming session time together.
Users impacted by the system down time just before the holiday shut down should also see me directly to get their jobs rescheduled.  See me ASAP as my schedule will be closing quickly through February.

Welcome back to Stanford!

James Conway