Subject: Loadlock problem
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 23:32:22 -0700

The loadlock apprently has something wrong.  The sample of the  
previous user is till in the chamber, and I cannot unload it.  The  
system says something wrong happens to the robot arm.

Does anyone have any hint to solve this problem?

Many thanks


Quoting John Shott <>:

> Raith Community:
> This afternoon Lev Markov from Raith USA came in for some additional
> work on the problematic turbo cooling situation.  In the process of
> investigating and localizing flow limitations in the system, a kink in
> one of the water lines was found.  Once the kink in the line was
> straightened, a healthy flow of about 2.3 liters per minute at a
> chiller pressure of only about 40 PSI was observed.  Yesterday at this
> time, it took 80 PSI to force only 1.2 liters per minute through the
> system.
> While we will continue to monitor the flows, we are optimistic that
> this may resolve this problematic issue.
> I'd like to particularly thank Rohan Kekatpure for finishing early and,
> in particular, Patrick Gallagher and Kelley Riviore for giving up their
> time slots this afternoon so that Lev could investigate this problem
> ... had they not been so gracious, we would not have been able to
> investigate this matter today and Lev will be in LA all next week.
> They deserve a thank you from everyone for their community-minded
> spirit in this regard.  As you know, the system is booked around the
> clock.  If any of you need to cancel a time slot because samples won't
> be ready or think you may finish early, I'd like to ask you to contact
> Patrick ( and Kelley (
> first to see if we can get them some "make up time" over the next 2-3
> days.  Please let Kelley and Patrick know if you think you know of some
> time that may open up in the near future ....
> Happy processing,
> John

Linyou Cao
PhD candidate
Dept. of Mater. Sci.and Engin., Brongersma Group
Stanford Nanoscience&Nanotechnology Society
Stanford University