Subject: READ ME: Trying to reserve thursday..-- RESERVATION LIMITS POLICY RESTATED.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 12:21:40 -0800


I understand how difficult it has become to make reservations on the CORAL
system. Even I cannot get  the time I need on the system to just perform normal
maintenance and performance testing that I must complete.

RE: Coral Reservations are booked solid for the week...
We all knew that this may happen once we had more than 30 users on the system.
The goal for 2003 was only 30 users!
We now have some 60 odd users on the system and by the end of February likely
will reach ~65 - 70 users.  Surely this will require us to modify the
reservation limits and policies we hold so dear and strive to stay within the

The nearly 100% utilization on this system, and the number of users whom would
desire to come onto the system, points to a need to consider purchasing a
second RAITH system in the distant future.

It is requested that all users please reserve only the actual time they need
for the runs they need to finish AND stay within reservation limits.

Reservation Policy as of today January  15, 2003:
18 hours total time on the CORAL schedule not to exceed 12 hours between 6 AM
and 6 PM in any 7 day rolling period.
If you cannot honor your reservation -- at your earliest awareness or
opportunity -- you are to cancel your reservation and post to the the opening.
That opening goes to the next person in the STANDBY cue if one is running, or
to the next user reserved on CORAL if able to move into that time slot, or the
next person to reply that they wish to utilize that opening in this order of
To get on Standby List all you need to do is place your name and phone no. on
the RAITH Standby List on my white board in my office.

Reservations need to be honored and generally should not  be handed off
informally to others in your group or group of friends.
It is of primary importance to be above board and in plain view for EVERYONE on
the system to ensure equal opportunity and access for all users.

Lets try this for the reminder of the month and evaluate if this situation will
We will be holding an EBEAM TOWN MEETING in early February and where can all
get together in a parley and discuss this and other issues of interest to the
Ebeam community in a open comfortable forum. I am eagerly interested in
learning of your suggestions for modification of reservation and utilization
limits policies, how we can streamline operations coordinating users' flow
through the system.

I will post an announcement for the next Ebeam Town Meeting this week.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway
Ebeam Technology Group
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility

Dan Grupp wrote:

> Guys,
>     I have planned my week and really need to run next thursday. I don't
> want to play the half-hour-grabbing game on this one. I respectfully
> request that you refrain from signing up for next thurdayfrom 9-1. I hope
> the user community can support this request and others like it in the
> future to manage the overload with better communication.
> THanks,
> Dan
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